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Mysteries of the human brain: the era of total control is not far off

February 18 2006

Human brain and its capabilities are still one of the most interesting scientific puzzles. Today, scientists with a special passion believe in two principles - the gene and molecular. Messages about the latest research in genetic engineering and nano-technology world follow one another, and inevitably you get used to them. But behind the flashing and experimentation of the last time in one direction yet released.

Back in the 50's and 60's of last century under the auspices of a major U.S. Intelligence conducted a comprehensive study of the human brain. It was decided to launch the project, code-named MKULTRA. American scientists set out to develop mechanisms by which to control people, or rather the work of his brain. In this case, investigated a variety of possibilities: from special tablets to an electrical signal.

While these works were at least 30 research laboratories and universities. How to set a special commission, Congress and the Senate, the methods of exposure tested in the "natural environment", ie on the unsuspecting citizens of a democratic America.

Among the various funds was an attempt to use LSD. However, as was recognized much later, many scientific experiments have not yielded the desired result. Contribution to science was dubious.

However, today the project MKULTRA resuscitated. He got another life, and they do have other people. This can be judged in terms of subsidies in Europe and the United States to study mental disorders and disorders of the brain.

With new technologies Western scholars regain their former confidence. Studies are being conducted at the genetic level, and due to the constant suggestion that there can be no mistakes and failures, creating the illusion. The illusion that everything is possible and everything is under control.

One of the American companies recently said, for example, that she was able to develop a unique technology. Thanks to her, in order to solve the crime or intent of the attacker, you simply "extract the necessary information in the brain," the right person.

Colourful pictures of the human brain in cross section, various scanners, with which you can shine through the skull, has long ceased to be an attribute of clinics and hospitals.

Images of the brain responsible for a variety of emotions and human behavior are equally interested in both scientists and businessmen. Having studied the reaction of a man out of him is easier to extract money. Many companies, including Coca-Cola and BMW, now is not so much trying to explore the market, how to calculate the reaction of their customers for a particular brand or product. So there neuromarketing and neuroeconomics in which the main object of study - brain the client, and the ultimate goal - maximum control over them.

There are many ways to relate to these trends, but in fact for more than half a century, a thorough study of the human brain fundamentally nothing has changed. At least one. All studies boil down to, to learn if not manipulated, then at least monitor the reactions and behavior.

Yet another proof of that - a new technology, known as transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). In order to influence the thoughts, perceptions and behavior, it is enough to send to certain areas of the brain a magnetic radiation. Today, TSM has attracted increasing attention.Mainly due to the fact that this technology really works.

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