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"Hares" go walking: how to survive on public transport

June 17 2005

Famous American rebel 70's, author of acclaimed book "How to survive and fight in the country's democratic policing" Abbie Hoffman would have hard times now. Most of them contained recipes for fraud systems now do not work, so far stepped progress.

Here we say public transport. Hoffman suggested several ways to free travel. But if he tried to shove a Moscow bus or trolley bus today ... ominous sticker "Hares go on foot," and a turnstile at the entrance to the salon would make him think.

It all started back in 2001 with routes crossing Zelenograd. The experiment was brought to a successful fruit and increased revenues from the sale of tickets by 50 percent. Since 2003, it was decided to implement a system on a vehicle in Moscow.

Citizens faced with innovation in the form of "electronic conductors", overlooking the passengers in the cabin of buses only for tickets and travel documents too at first strikes against the argument, and almost burst with indignation, some mothers. But then on the Russian tradition frustrate fervor and even sort of used to it. Although the clashes at the stops during rush hour for the right to enter a bus or trolley - a common occurrence.

However, reform okuchila not all ground transportation vehicles. "Naked" were many trams do not often come equipped with turnstiles to "horned" cousins - trolleys and "hornless" buses.

Losing a sphere of influence in them became much more active work "antizaytsevy commandos" - supervisors. They were fiercely and ruthlessly to "rabbit". Typically, in groups of three or four people, athletic-looking guys cover the exits and arrange for cleaning of the cabin. If gatecrasher refuses to pay the fine, then it may well be under police escort to deliver to the nearest police station.

Sometimes under the guise of "counter" work crooks. They like to intimidate the legal consequences misuse slight physical impact, pursuing its main objective to shake off the "client" at least some cash. In any case, to maintain self-esteem, you need to know not only its duties but also rights , be able to distinguish the present from the Comptroller of his criminal clone. Especially if you're honest traveler and not a "rabbit".

To the question "where is your ticket you can ask the controller to produce the documents authorizing him to this sort of activity.

This may be a certificate of the Controller, a chip controller, a checklist and a receipt which indicated what specific coaches, he can check. If something is missing, or validity of the certificate out, "counter" you can safely send a "garden". Service ticket control Mosgortrans claims that in Moscow every day dozens of young people supplement their budgets under the guise of Auditors.

Do not try to enter into a verbal squabble with the controller, to insult him, or try sparring with him, because he can be a real and banal to file for you in court. Although this is only a theory, but it is better not to "counter" that chance, why should you extra headaches ...

Do not go along with the overseers on a deserted bus stop, or near which there is no police post (DPS, traffic police, etc.). In the case of an unfavorable situation for you to suggest to himself, "counter" to go to the police station there to execute documents or pay the fine in court.Typically, inspectors wish to waste time on another "hare" and they just might say goodbye to you in a rude manner.

You are not obliged to give the "counter" their own documents. Having carefully reviewed their checklist. It strictly regulates their time and routes that they are entitled to inspect.

Do not be an easy target: I refuse to go out, promise to sue or complain to higher authorities.

By the way, the supervisors, there are almost all civilized countries, and fines for ticketless travel there sterner ours. For example, in Washington, "hare" would have to shell out $ 100 in Rome (in dollar terms) - $ 59, in Helsinki - $ 57.

Of course, these recommendations are designed for emergency cases. Anything can happen. For example, you can sow their subsidized student card, and go to an urgent need. Of course, it's better to pay for travel and go quietly about their business.

Survival in the city: Cell phone in your hands. As it is missed.

Константин Дятлов

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