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Incredible Adventures of DNA on Earth and in space

March 17 2006

The beginning of the second millennium, it was noted grand opening - scientists were able to decipher the human genome. This allowed us to look into the mysteries of human nature.

Francis Collins, who heads a project to decoding the human genome, says that modern methods of sequencing (determination of the nucleotide sequence of the DNA molecule) can reveal the nature of individuality, in particular, predispose some people to mental labor, and others - to behavioral abnormalities.

According to Collins, humanity is on the threshold of new discoveries of genius . Less than three years can be said with certainty what portion of the chromosome responsible for this or that character trait, which, in turn, will enable the correction of defects. In the view of experts is the problem of diabetes, cancer and mental illness.

Earlier, American geneticist Dean Hamer, director of the National Institutes of gene structures and the fight against cancer, after studying more than 2000 DNA samples come to the conclusion that religious people associated with the chemical composition of the brain.

Dr. Hamer, asked a group of test to answer a questionnaire of 226 questions to determine their relationship to God . As a result of this study, the researchers concluded that people who deeply believe in God, have a gene in the organism, which he labeled as VMAT2.

Scientists believe education does not play a significant role in the development of religiosity in man. His discovery of "gene of faith in God," explains why some people have the capacity for spiritual and mystical more than others. According to him, it is possible that the gene people have inherited from the founders of religions: Buddha, Christ and Muhammad, and it can manifest itself in humans as well as an outstanding intellect, but not always passed from parents to children.

Leading religious figures have criticized these conclusions of the scientist and stated that he questioned a key tenet of religious faith on spiritual enlightenment. This condition is not achieved due to the emergence of electrical impulses in the human brain, and thanks to the influence of divine power, according to the priests.

Dr. Hamer claims that his study in no way undermines faith in God. On the contrary, the existence of a gene of faith in God "proves once again the genius of the Creator, who" gave "this human gene.

Meanwhile, a famous anthropologist and geneticist Alan Templeton has challenged is general theory of evolution and dispersal of humanity. He argues that the ancient Eurasian population was not displaced by who came 150,000 years ago from the African homo sapiens, and mixed with them.

According to Templeton exchange of genes between the Eurasian and African populations, our ancestors never stopped. That is ancient mankind was not isolated a set of races, subspecies, species, and constituted a single community for the past two million years.

"Molecules of Life" continues the most incredible way to surprise researchers .American scientists were able to make DNA take any shape. With this method, you can create different designs several nanometers in size. The creation of "art" involved in Paul Rotmund of Caltech, along with a team of assistants. They managed to "draw" a square, triangle, five-pointed star, laughing faces, a flower. The most difficult to execute the picture - the map of America, but this work of scientists dissatisfied. True, the map of the world he did not have enough time.

Using this method, which Rotmund called "DNA origami", from molecules of DNA can create any two-dimensional image. The "portfolio" includes the scientist has a half-dozen pictures of DNA. Rotmund expects that its design will find application in electronics and molecular biology. This method can be used, for example, transport of microscopic electronic instruments.

The most startling, that the DNA helix is opened astronomers gaze. Scientists discovered in space is extremely huge and ordered a double helix that stretched to 80 light years away. Satellite DNA has shocked scientists not only because of its strange and unexpected form, but also its location.

Nebula "DNA has a length of about 80 light years and is interesting because it is located only 300 light years from the center of our galaxy. According to modern scientific theories, it is there should be a supermassive black hole. The nebula is removed from the center with great speed - about a thousand kilometers per second. To discover its managed by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope.

Among the probable causes of the object - a strong magnetic field in the center of the galaxy. Perhaps it is the magnetic field lines directed along the axis of the nebula, and caused her such an unusual twist.

Materials: Utro.Ru, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, InoPressa,

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