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How not to splurge on free education

June 16 2005

They come hot time when graduates start the main headache. The reason - admission to college. How to make the right choice, as well exams .... Oh, and if it did - how to learn to pass the session, etc. Just during the sessions, when walking the entire semester, when visiting lectures can be counted on the fingers, and there is a topic that many say, but more and more whispers that few have heard - a bribe.

On this problem are fighting more than one year. For example, a couple of years ago, experts of the Higher School of Economics have estimated the average size of bribes for admission to Russian universities, in the end it turned out that Russians spend on "educational" services to about one third of their household income. While every year the amount of monetary compensation for teachers increased.

According to surveys of students, many readily admit that the enrollment for a fee. According to the 2003 amount of bribes for admission ranges from $ 1000 to the University Press and the Academy of Physical Education to thousands 50000-70000 MGIMO and other top institutions. Have to pay also for the possibility of cheating on exams - to 30 - $ 50.

Comment on such data have asked the then Minister of Education, Mikhail Filippov. Officials offered to send his personal website reported wrongdoing on the part of teachers, but with one condition - they have to be signed. We need to think not many modern students are inherent habits kamikaze ....

Action of the Minister to nothing lead .... Bribes, as was taken, and taken. Already in the next, in 2004 the price of student tickets has increased many times. Those prices, which were considered marginal, became the basic, continuous. In this case, the cost of entering the various professions in different universities vary widely. For example, entering the economic or legal department of a prestigious Moscow university costs $ 10-30 thousand

Humanities specialty valued as follows: $ 5-13 thousand fall on natural science faculty can be a $ 8-15 thousand, and the technical - for $ 2.8 thousand natural that when you receive recruits, and children of businessmen, the rate is multiplied by a certain factor. But do not think that outside the capital, the situation is different .... For example, in the same 2004 with the St. Petersburg cost the most fashionable St. Petersburg State University - Economic and Legal amounted to U.S. $ 15000-17000. And the St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts (SPbGUKI) sheltered those who found the extra $ 8000.

But do not think it will be possible to approach the teacher and simply give money. In light of efforts in recent "war on graft, bribe-takers are" Frightening "cautious. Money from "foreign" does not take - to get the reward used intermediaries. As a rule, these people are found among the teachers training courses, tutors, from a chosen university.

But there are also professional "bugs" - the so-called university staff professional mediators who from Orava eager to join the ranks of university students keen eye select the most affluent. The hotel "professionals" tend to resort already after the first two groups to address it's too late .... But here entrants lurks another trick - including "bugs", wipe door admissions more often there are charlatans.

On the internet - the site " was organized campaign in which could participate applicant or any interested student. The essence of the events that people report any teacher, for what services and how he took money from a young man. Based on these data displayed a unique "black list".I will give "top three" - the amount shown in U.S. dollars:

Vaska, KA (St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University) 110700
Derevyanchenko I. (Omsk Service Institute) 32378
Shumilov, LA (St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University) 17505

Leader scored a number of credits in three stages: 1500 USD Admission to the university on the day free of charge separation, 19200 USD exams (full-time), 90000 USD exams (full-time). "Silver medal" lumped this amount for 24 approach. Well, who came to the intermediate finish third, to collect "points" needed, as the leader of all three attempts. Basically, the money going to university admissions and examinations.

Against these monsters look somewhat comical "outsiders" of this rating (prices in dollars, too):

Rohm LA (Tambov State Technical University)


Semenov, EA (Orenburg State University) 2
Kopin AA (Nizhnevartovsk Branch, Tyumen State Oil and Gas University) 1

Interestingly, teacher TSTU collected three (3) the dollar from several groups, the collection of this amount was a necessary requirement for the exam, otherwise - "unsatisfactory". Two conventional unit paid bribes penultimate student ratings for the evaluation of "good" in the student's record-book.
The most interesting thing that the last teacher took ... beer.

In addition to the individual championship on bribes, there is also the team standings - the rating (in total) the most "taking" of universities. "The magnificent 10-ka" is as follows (dollar amount):

St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University 140824
Omsk Institute of Service 34963
Volgodonsk Institute of Novocherkassk State Technical University 9600
State University management. Sergo Ordzhonikidze 9600
Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (State University) 9400
Moscow University Touro 8000
Northern State Medical University 7500
Financial Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation 6533
Maritime State University 5254
Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation 5240

Maria Pavlikova

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