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How to get into television: dedicated exhibitionist, voyeur and other fans

May 16 2005

Generally it is quite possible - to get into TV. So you can combine business with pleasure: first - to take a look at the celebrities live, and secondly - a show family and friends. Only need to know where to go. Here is a list of programs which are waiting for you almost with open arms (you can).


On the Stand (NTV, Thursday, 22.40)

The only opportunity to get on the program - complete the application site NTV ( So you can get 2 free tickets. Please note that the application should be sent not less than 10 days prior to the program.

Joke (The first, Saturday, 21.20)

Chance to be bathed in water, shrouded in smoke and sprinkled with confetti as a viewer program is available by phone. 928-37-16

Basic Instinct (First Friday, 19.00)

Stare at Svetlana Sorokina and political economy establishment can call tel. 727-30-88

Times (first on Sunday, 18.00)

Want bored in the glow of a guru in the domestic television - call tel. 217-79-97

The Domino Principle (NTV, weekdays, 16.20)

Understand all the same, black or white, can call on tel. 217-75-97 or by filling out an application for site

Five Evenings (First, weekdays, 16.50)

Get into this freak show is a party, whether the viewer - it's as you wish - you can use the phone. 217-76-28. Participants are supposed to have a story on the program - watch for announcements at the end of the program.

The orchestra pit (Culture, Tuesday, 21.20)

Listen to opinions on the fate of the venerable "serious music" can call on tel. 234-86-43

Apocrypha (Culture, Wednesday, 20.45)

If you are a "professional readership" - namely the so-Viktor Erofeev shows viewers its programs - call tel. 950-66-12

Cultural Revolution (Culture, Thursday, 20.45)

Mister Twister (former Minister Mikhail Shvydkoi) discuss with you the vital issues of contemporary culture, if you dial up version of the program by phone. 240-48-24

What does a woman want (Russia, weekdays, 12.50)

Want to discuss women's issues in the company of Elena Yakovleva - call tel.: 234-27-54 and 230-62-06.

School for Scandal (NTV, Sunday, 22. 40)

Ill teach, one has only to submit an application on the website of NTV

Culinary duel (NTV, Saturday, 11.00)

Want to see how the stars koryachatsya the stove in an attempt to prepare a three-course meal cost 300 rubles? 'll Witness - there just fill out an application online NTV


No one above you have not mocked? Yes, and the whole country? There is a chance to fix it. Participate!

Funny Bucks (REN-TV, Monday to Thursday, 23.45)

To enter into the program rather hang around in public places with a bored look. Themselves and will be offered "to go away" for the money.

Stress (NTV, Friday, 17.35)

Alexander Gordon is already by their appearance can cause stress. But to come to the program still need its terrible history. Or play well on the proposed scenario? Or simply take the place of the viewer. And in order for the other - fill in the online application NTV.

Housing Problem (NTV, Saturday, 12.00)

Room Decoration on a freebie eminent designers - just fill out an application online www.peredelka.u, and then send pictures of the interior. The main thing then bring the rest of the room to the same condition as it leaves confusion.

School repairs (TNT, Sunday, 18.00)

Come, all the defeat and for 3 days to make repairs. Think, well? There is a way to check - please call tel.: 128-33-82, 128-18-12

Rescue and repair! (STS, Saturday, 14.00)

These dudes are also ready to deliver you from the repair of heart attack. Important - not to earn a heart attack on them. If you're ready for this - fill out an application online (

Remove it immediately! (STS, Sunday, 14.00)

Do you hate it, how to dress your girlfriend? Turn her two fashionable broody, maybe that limiting prisovetuyut? Make a friend muck - fill out the application site (

Hour trial (REN-TV, weekdays, 18.00)

Will judge the honor of conscience! This is not a Soviet court, the fair trial world. To pull out their dirty laundry (or do not own, just me as a writer per put) on a TV court, call tel. 926-83-00

Windows (TNT, weekdays, 20.00)

If you suddenly want to participate in this disgrace, try to call on the phone. 125-87-45 and starting to explore the proposed role. If the casting will pass.

Barter (MUZ-TV, weekend, 19.30)

Accumulated a lot of trash? Come, will choose the most expensive heart trinket and exchanged for a new and unloved. Sentimental you are ours, send applications to: 127427, Moscow, POBox 39, marked with "barter."

Test of loyalty (MUZ-TV, Wednesday, 21.10)

There is loyalty in the world? Masha Malinovskaya willing to help test. Please send requests to participate in the familiar address: 127427, Moscow, POBox 39, only the already marked with "test of loyalty"

In the dark (MUZ-TV, Friday, 21.00)

Afraid of the Dark? Tumble fight fire - living in a dark hour under the strict guidance of Aurora. Write request for 127 427, Moscow, POBox 39 with a mark "In the Dark"

LiveJournal (TNT, weekdays, 1.15)

Learn on TV. 2 minutes of your life every day broadcast in million viewers. Have something to show - call ext. 783-37-74. In the first story you'll get 10 bucks. If the audience will appreciate you for the dignity, then the second - for 15. If you'll go to the third - 20. Rates rise with each passing day, but you must like viewers. Work on the audience!

Dog-show (the first Sunday, 10/09)

If you have a dog ... its no one will pay out, but make all sorts of tricks to get up needful public. Trainers, please contact tel. 217-90-78

Forbidden Zone (TNT, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - 18.00, Sunday - 20.00)

Private television detectives are taken to solve all your problems on a pre-scripted. If the script is too lazy to learn, we can arrive at a simple spectator. You can get on the phone. 783-30-33

Have done

Love to shoot, burn and cut out jigsaw? This is for you. You can win the next chamber, a new soldering iron or a jigsaw.

Himself, director (Russia, Sunday, 10.15)

Tape with video and contact information to send to the address: 121609, Moscow, Autumn Boulevard, 23. After that, if the story is tender, you are invited to the program. Gives to any utility - from video to digital video cameras


All of our lives - the game. And most importantly, as always, participate. But you can bubble fuck.

Guess the melody (the first, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 14.30)

To see how the ape ducky Pelsh and pougadyvat pop tune, you need to call on the phone. 217-79-01. The winner gets as much money as he scored points.

Field of Miracles (First Friday, 19.50)/ P>

Send to the editorial office - 127000, Moscow, st. Akademika Koroleva, 12, "Field of Dreams" - a crossword puzzle. If he is found to be an "original", you will be called to turn the drum. Whoever does not understand - please call. 217-75-14. Use: from toys to car, including cash awards and gifts to the studio. "

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (First, Saturday, 20.00)

Those wishing to participate - call tel. 8-809-505-8888 and follow the instructions. True, they say, not all regions as long as you can get through, but the work is carried out. For spectators there is a telephone easier - 258-975. You can win a million. Once it even happened, so the chances are. Plus can drink non-alcoholic beer, the main thing - to be able to finish playing.

Clever and talented youth (First Saturday, 13.30)

At the end of the season you will be told on what topic you should write an essay in order to participate in next season. Or participate in the competition on the game site The winner becomes the student of the Moscow State Institute. Others have privileges at admission.

The Weakest Link (First Saturday, 15.10)

The maximum gain - 300 thousand rubles. Leading-bitch gives a charge of positive anger - enough for a long time.

One hundred to one (Russia, Saturday, 11.20)

Would you like to answer stupid questions - call the editors of the program by phone. 201-78-30. Money (small).

Pyramid (Russia, Sunday, 11.20)

Exercise in collective thinking can call tel. 924-63-74. Cash and short-term and purely speculative, but still in touch with the star.

Jeopardy (NTV, Saturday, 16.55)

Send email to and you will be invited as a competitor. With each program money becomes more and more.

Russian lotto (Russia, Saturday, 8.20)

In fact, the players sit at home and reconcile their figures crossed out. And willing to pull out the barrels out of the bag in the studio offer call tel.: 137-65-21, 137-65-25, 137-80-30. Then in your hands the fate of thousands who bought tickets. Can perepast money or a modest award from a sponsor.

Alphabet (TVC, Sunday, 11.35)

Want to feel like a chip and jump over the boxes, passing more and answering questions? Call - 291-12-95 and 777-52-20. Gifts from sponsors.

The Sixth Sense (REN-TV, Saturday, 15.35)

Taste, touch or smell? Have to choose. However, even if the choice was correct, this does not guarantee that the winning team will give a prize. Want to play this - write to the address Money.

33 (MUZ-TV, weekdays, 13.45 and 18.45)

To become a candidate for participation in the program "33" should send an SMS with the digits "33" to number 3939. Money.

Next (MUZ-TV, Thursday, 14.40 Friday, 21.40 Saturday, 11.20)

To become a candidate for participation in the program should send an SMS with the letter "M" to the number 3939. Money.


Exhibitionist and voyeur dedicated.

Dom-2. First Spring (TNT, every day for 3 times)

Those interested - fill out the online application or call - 230-61-82. Necessary to prove love. And for almost the first comer. And the whole country. And in the field. Not yet prove - live in the barracks without a soul. Proved - he moves into the house.

Hunger-2 (TNT)

Starts casting. If you're between 20 and 30, then write to the address or send SMS to number 3301 with a contact phone number (do not forget area code). Will throw in a foreign land without a penny of money. And you'd better get it sorted as you can. If you can well, then promise to somehow ensure that your whole life - to 2 thousand dollars a month.

Seven under the sun (MUZ-TV, daily)

If you between 14 and 18, fill out the form on the website, add to it 2 photos and sent it all to the address: Moscow, 127427, PO Box 39. Would you like to live under the warm sun in the company of peers, in what currently is not denying? Please, but after you will observe ... your parents. And while viewers will vote. The winner will warm your hands at 10 thousand bucks.


The same concert, only in profile. Focuses on the TV broadcast, so the chances of contact with the frame.

KVN (The first 2 times per month, with an interval of 4 months, on Sunday, 19.00)

If you're from cheerful and resourceful, you can get in the team. If you - a friend cheerful and resourceful - safely written to the fans. Well, or buy a ticket for 2 thousand rubles. a number of closer, the camera can pass by, and for a moment your face will show millions.

Superdisk (TVC, weekdays, 17.30)

Those wishing to participate in the discussion of "musical novelties" - call the editors of the program by phone. 959-39-25 and sign up for the audience.

Golden Gramophone (First Saturday, 22.40)

Wishing pokolbasitsya a pop - call tel. 217-73-87, and ye shall find.


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