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Spontaneous teleportation or mystery "Schrödinger Cat"

April 16 2006

"A strange incident happened to me in autumn 1996 near the village Krasnitsy Leningrad region, writes E. Galevsky (St. Petersburg). In the morning I went to the swamp of cranberries. After the usual way through the field and meadow, and turned into the woods. And then the unusual happened .

The fact that near the turn of the trail takes a stream with steep banks, which can only cross a rickety bridge of several logs. Going down the path of ten meters, I suddenly felt that I was totally in another place. This was evidenced, and change the landscape. Puzzled, I looked around. Had no doubt, mysteriously, I was in the 40-50 meters from the creek, but on the other side ... "

And that's what happened in the suburbs with a resident of the village Kratovo Alexander Selikovym. He wrote.

"It happened on Jan. 20, 1973. I was only incomplete fifteen years. I loved to walk in the woods alone. The day was cold around 22 degrees Celsius, sunny and windless. Nothing much happening around me, at least, I do I do not remember this. And yet, something happened, because it suddenly became dark and I realized that I was lying in the snow, but on me the starry sky. Caps do not all face some sort of sticky hands, too. He stood up as a semi-conscious and went home. And then. In short, it turned out they were looking for me already for three days.'s mother when she saw me, crashed into a swoon. I was all in the blood of the face, hands. But when I washed it turned out that the body is not no scratches. I do not even frostbitten! "

How is unconscious boy was able to survive in the woods (no cap) for three days at 22 degrees of frost? Whose blood was on the teenager? All these questions, unfortunately, no reliable answers.

One explanation put forward by researchers of anomalous phenomena for such incidents, the so-called spontaneous teleportation. This term refers to a spontaneous move items from one point in space and time to another. This point of view, for example, adheres T. Faminskii, is investigating a similar case occurred in 1989. Then the victim of a natural phenomenon has become Delektorskaya an elderly lady, resting in a sanatorium near Moscow.

On that day, she, as usual, came to the forest and walked along its edge, occasionally bending over russula. Suddenly pricked my heart. The woman took the medicine, and threw the tablet under your tongue and continued its way. Having gone a dozen steps, looked up and saw an abandoned church belfry. Countries was that this structure was located in a neighboring village five kilometers from the resort, shot in the heart, obviously recorded the time of transfer and if the path is "there" borrowed from Lydia 10 minutes of slow progress, then return to the ward she had about two hours ...

Another two similar cases occurred in the Chekhov district, Moscow region. And while the research group in the northeast of the capital (according to T. Faminskii) two persons have disappeared right in front of his comrades. They appeared exactly at the same place, but days later.

Sometimes after a similar disappearance of traces of people lost at all. Probably, their record in an entirely unimaginable distances. Or maybe they are soldered in the ice somewhere in Antarctica, or appear in the center of the earth's core hot to immediately be burned alive. Who knows.

From the list of mysterious disappearances:

... 1915, Gallipoli Peninsula (Turkey) General Hamilton sent to the aid of allies for the capture of Constantinople of the British Norfolk Regiment.About the height of N60 on the road in front of a marching column of darkened land of clouds, a few hundred soldiers rashly entered into it. Most of these soldiers have never been seen. After the capitulation of Turkey. code was discussed on the prisoners, missing the last hope of finding them, it became clear that the Turks have no one taken prisoner in the area.

... In 1924, Iraq. Pilots of the Royal Air Force of Great Britain Day and Stewart made an emergency landing in the desert. Their footprints leading from the aircraft, were clearly visible on the sand. But they soon broke off ... Pilots themselves have not been able to find, even around the site of the emergency landing was not quicksand or abandoned wells ... Was not that day, and sandstorms.

As you can see, reports of disappearances and spontaneous movements of "missing. It is logical to even suggest that such incidents occur more frequently. Indeed, in the woods, where one tree is similar to another, people may not notice the time of 'transfer' and, being suddenly in an unfamiliar place, come to the conclusion that simply got lost. The question is whether it is worth to believe in such fantastic stories? The answer probably lies in the famous paradox of Schroedinger.

.. Introduction to the structure of the atom is in the school as an example of the planetary model of Rutherford. Humanities and then remain in the holy conviction that the atom is arranged with wondrous ease with electrons, planets orbiting around a central core of the Sun. However, the reality is much more difficult even at the dawn of the century physicists found that electrons have a mysterious property to disappear in one orbit and immediately appear on the other. To somehow explain this phenomenon microcosm, the scientists were forced to admit that elementary particles can exist in the form of corpuscles, and in the form of waves. The famous Louis de Broglie suggested also that each particle corresponds to a wave that fills the entire space amplitude of this wave is maximum, where most likely there is a particle. But at any time without any apparent transition, it can change the location. What you do not have teleportation?

One of the founders of quantum physics, Erwin Schrodinger, an Austrian scientist, thinking about the strangeness of the behavior of particles, set in 1935, an ode to a thought experiment, which is still confused minds.

Suppose, said Erwin Schrodinger, in the closed box is a cat. There also is a geiger counter, spray with poisonous gas and radioactive particles. If the latter proved himself as a corpuscle counter radioactivity work, include a balloon with gas and the cat dies. If the particle behaves like a wave, the counter does not react, the animal, respectively, remain alive. What can you say about a cat, looking for a sealed box?

With worldly point of view of a cat either alive or not. But the laws of quantum physics suggest that the cat is alive and dead simultaneously with a probability of 0, 5. And is it strange state will continue as long as any observer will not remove this uncertainty by looking in a drawer.

Schrodinger himself was not happy when I started to turn this abstraction. Scientists of all countries alarmed. Does that mean that a person can be half-alive, half dead or half here half there? Especially indignant about this scientific ideology in the Soviet Union where, as we know, prevailed almost to individual atheism. After around it appeared that quantum physics allows the existence of God, the very outside observer, on which the human condition. living in a "box" called Earth! Censors deleted the slightest mention of the "Schrödinger cat" ..

Gradually, everything calmed down a bit.The specialists agreed that the laws of the microworld should not be transferred to a larger world. In other words, what is fare for the electron, the man no-no. But recently the situation has again become shaky. First, a physicist David Richard from the University of Massachusetts showed that quantum physics applies not only to the elementary particles, but also to molecules belonging to the already macrocosm. Then Christopher Monroe at the Institute of Standards and Technology (USA) experimentally demonstrated the reality of the paradox of "Schrodinger cat" at the atomic level.

Experience was as follows: Scientists have taken a helium atom and a powerful laser pulse is torn from him one of the two electrons. The resulting helium ion immobilize, lowering its temperature to nearly absolute zero. In the remainder of the orbit of an electron, there are two possibilities - either rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. But physicists have deprived him of choice, braked a particle in the same laser beam. Here's the unbelievable happened. Helium atom is split in two, realizing itself immediately in the two states, one electron spinning clockwise, the other counterclockwise. And even though the distance between these objects was only 83 nanometers (a school microscope does not make out), but the interference pattern clearly visible. Here is the next one atom, that's another.

What conclusion can be drawn from this? Scientists have tried to create a model of "donkey Buridan" unfortunate animal from ancient legends, to which his boss, a Buridan. put the two identical bundles of hay. Unable to choose which of them is better, the donkey died of hunger. But the helium atom was resourceful Buridan's ass, and the hoof, in fact behaved like a physical equivalent of "cat" Schrödinger ", which is alive and dead simultaneously.

According to some experts, is now nothing was hampered argue that not only micro but also macro-(eg, man! ") Under certain conditions can split apart, or as an electron to disappear in one place and reappearing in another.

Is not this the secret possessed Kim Doo Ok famous master of martial arts from Seoul, who died recently at age 88? Puny physique, from ground to crown incomplete and a half meters, the old man in seconds, was putting the most powerful opponents. Chinese newspaper "China Herald reported that the Personnel viewing video recordings, which were conducted during the fights of the wizard, can be clearly seen, as Kim disappears in one place, leaving behind only a fading silhouette, and then appears in another. And while the enemy continued to attack the "mirage" maestro had to do only light sweeps.

Hopefully, sooner or later, scientists unravel the mystery of teleportation and be able to create a real device, instantly transferring any items to any distance. No doubt, this will be one of the greatest achievements in human history. Perhaps, for this to happen, now is not enough just "Einstein ignorant" Once we have Albert Einstein was asked: how and by whom committed discovery? He said: "Everyone knows that this is impossible. But there is an ignoramus who does not know. It was he who makes a discovery ..."

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