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Fundamentals of modern construction laid, in many respects, one person

March 16 2010

March 16, 1867 was patented tight-reinforced concrete - the foundation of modern construction. Did a French gardener Joseph Monier, who in 1861 was searching techniques, how to make garden tubs stronger.

Ordinary pots and drums made of clay was too heavy and fragile, wooden - short-lived. First, the gardener has created a formwork, the cavity is filled with cement mortar. Subsequently, Monier made out of cement tubs skeleton of iron wire, which is plastered with another layer of cement. After curing tub turned out amazing strength.

Monier continued his experiments and obtained several patents in the neighboring areas: fortified with iron pipes and cement pools (1868), zhelezotsementnye panels for building facades (1869), bridges zhelezotsementa (1873) and reinforced concrete beams (1878).

In 1886, German engineer Gustave Weiss bought the Monier patents and developed the principle of reinforced concrete. It was his research and later founded a construction company Wayss & Freytag led to the spread of progressive ideas of the French gardener Monier worldwide.

March 16, 1968 occurred the most famous tragedy in Vietnam, arranged by U.S. soldiers. And merikanskie soldiers in the village of My Lai killed more than 500 unarmed peasants, most of whom were women, children and elderly.

Compound "GI" commanded the 24-year-old Lieutenant William Kelly. March 14 a group of soldiers from the company was ambushed, in a skirmish sergeant was killed. After the funeral company was ordered to destroy the village of My Lai, which was the base of the guerrillas, who attacked an American patrol. Civilians ordered to evacuate ... March 16 helicopter gunships fired on the village and landed troops ...

Soldiers with no problems entered the village, where they found the locals. Americans began to question men in order to identify the partisans. Soon blood was spilled - Vietnamese who tried to escape from the hands of soldiers, was killed by a blow bayonet. Some peasants tried to escape - they flew off after a grenade. Started a massacre. By order of the Kelly of the peasants were herded into the village square.

The commander told his soldiers: "You know what I want to do with them" and walked away. After 10 minutes, the Vietnamese were killed. Dispersed across the countryside, the soldiers continued to kill and rape ... However, among Americans, there were those who dared to disobey a superior officer's command. Thompson, a helicopter crew was ordered to assess the situation in the My Lai. On the outskirts of the village he saw a wounded Vietnamese girl. Thompson called ambulance helicopter, but the girl found before: an American officer approached the child, his foot rolled over on his back and finished off a shot in the head.

Helicopter pilots were horrified. Slightly to the side they saw the bodies - children, women and old men piled up a heap in a ditch. "GI" was shot on a ditch, seeking survivors. Thompson said one of the huts evicted residents. Go to the hut was approaching a group of American soldiers. Thomson took a helicopter to the U.S. unit. The shooter fired a burst over the heads of Americans. "GI" left off. Covering the Vietnamese by helicopter and by keeping the Americans at gunpoint, Thompson contacted the two other helicopters.Having made a few Walker, they took half a dozen residents of the village - everyone who was still alive. Order of the commander of ground forming a "bring down to hell and all that means nothing to intervene," Thompson ignored.

When you have finished evacuating people from the cabin, the helicopter returned to Thompson ditch with the corpses and hung two feet above the ground, flight mechanic jumped down. While the shooter bursts over their heads restrained "GI" in the distance, he examined the body and under his mother's corpse discovered two years of a child. More alive in the ditch was not. Immediate supervisor Kelly, commander of the "Charlie" - Captain Medina, who arrived on the scene later, "nothing suspicious is found - as has been said in his report.

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