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Global network - under the microscope

March 16 2006

Internet is becoming clearer

International Corporation for the allocation of domain names and addresses (ICANN) will now begin testing a system of multilingual domain names.

It is expected that testing will begin in the second half of this year. As far as the process drags on, it remains unclear. Importantly, as experts say, to make sure that innovation does not provoke the collapse of the existing system of addressing and will not lead to a global cataclysm.

Many concerns are also associated with the fact that the same address can lead to two different site, and where as a result of the user will be - will depend on its territorial attachment.

Meanwhile, the new standard is quite successfully used in China and supported by many browsers.

Today at work in a global network used by 37 characters: 26 letters of the alphabet, 10 numerals and a hyphen (some third-level domains are allowed underscore). If problems with the new standardization will not, then users will be able to at least partially away from the universal alphabet and remember home.

Despite the many remaining uncertainties new domain names in non-English languages may appear in the next year.

United States - the world's policeman on the Internet

Site for the inquisitive

The folder appeared clear from grafted with a strange file extension. Behind him in a different directory "wound up" the other - also unidentified. It's starting to get annoying. How can recognize the file from unnecessary, and that is to "kill" - that is the question.

The trial is better not to pigeonhole, because an unknown file may be malicious virus. Antivirus program (if any), of course, to dot the "and". But you can do otherwise and to investigate the matter independently.

With the help of the site company Bit9 Inc., Specializing in Internet security, a response will be much easier.

The Web site represents the original data collection, which contains information about all kinds of computer files. In the base - about 25 million files and, therefore, their complete description. The search works flawlessly.

Among other things, the site in an easy posted a small application FileAdvisor, which can be downloaded and installed on your computer. Once you click on some file with your right mouse button, displayed a unique number assigned to this file. We can only compare that number to the database FileAdvisor.

In the Internet appeared interactive map of Mars

Virologists grabs his head and predict Katrina

The developers of antivirus software regularly scare you with new crazy trojans and worms that are eating away at the computer inside and with every day are becoming immune.

Many people probably remembered Blackworm virus , or Blackmal, which was supposed to "detonate" on 3 February and destroy the global amount of information. The danger was too exaggerated.

it does not, however, despite the appearance, artificially created and maintained by the excitement around the viral infection, it should not be underestimated.

The fact is that much to the end user comes indirectly. In the end, the personal computer and data stored on it - a private matter.

However, if the system will be derived servers responsible for monitoring international traffic, it touches everyone.

For the first time such election attacks were reported several years ago. Today, their number is calculated already in the thousands. Their distinctive feature is that as targets are chosen, usually PCs, responsible for Internet addressing, ie, users are in the dark until a certain point.

In the U.S., this problem is emphasized. There was a special team on special occasions, working together with the Ministry of National Security. Its competence includes prevention of crisis situations that arise as a result of hacker attacks.

Twentieth anniversary marks a computer virus


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