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Golf ball hit by ISS

March 16 2006

No sooner had completed their flight satellite-suit, stuffed with radios and sent on a journey to Earth orbit, as has already begun full-scale preparations for another odyssey. In the space on a special mission will fly a golf ball.

The new project odious Canadian company Element 21 Golf Company directly involved Russian agency Roskosmos, which was signed the treaty.

Kick the ball will be made with the ISS during one of the spacewalks, and the honor fell to Pavel Vinogradov. True, the ball will not quite "earth" - he will be made of the same alloy as the international station. After the strike, which immediately go down in history, Scandium ball must be within four years of surf on the cosmic vastness of Earth's orbit. After this period, when the ball "wound" of about 3.4 billion miles, it turns into an unremarkable trash and burned in the dense layers of the atmosphere.

Until then, the movement of "satellite" will be tracked by the navigation system GPS. It is designed primarily to attract the attention of lovers of golf .

Technically implement his plan in the cellar. In the end, we can recall that back in 1971 an American, Alan Shepard, leaving the moon, made a memorable impact on the ball.

At an altitude of 350 kilometers, which flies the ISS, the gravitational force and friction are almost nil. In this scenario, the main give "satellite" up to speed and ask the right direction. Otherwise, he can stop a few meters or remain in the same orbital plane as the ISS. This, in turn, may eventually lead to a clash, and even damage to the station.

"In space, plenty of room, but orbital mechanics - an amazing phenomenon, and objects tend to go back where they started," - warns one of the leading members of the European Space Agency. According to him, the most probable velocity in a collision at the worst the situation will be 10-111 km / sec. Extent of damage will be easy to provide. In any case, suffer not only covering the ship.

Many scientists in connection with these problems do not hide their skepticism to extreme golf, which is also a questionable scientific value.

Others argue that the experiment altogether dangerous, recalling the problem of space debris, to which is added to a rapidly moving ball Scandium.

According to experts, when an improvised "companion" yet vzmoet into space , the focus will be riveted to it at the last stage of flight. When the ball is approaching the Earth at an altitude of 900-1000, which hangs about 300 different spacecraft to avoid a collision would be problematic.

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