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Each user - a Wi-Fi

February 16 2006

Wi-Fi technology for 15 years, its application in various fields to a new level of development. Originally developed solely for commercial cash register systems technology has received such recognition and, consequently, the spread that she was to instill everywhere. Separate programs for the introduction of Wi-Fi sold in the U.S.. Popularization of Wi-Fi, in addition to Google, have begun to actively engage other companies, including Skype and FON.

At present, the Wi-Fi (from the British Wireless Fidelity - "high accuracy data wirelessly) is primarily used to provide wireless Internet access. New user has connected to the network does not require wiring, so to expand Wi-Fi network is very simple. Thanks to roaming between access points, users can navigate through the coverage area Wi-Fi network without disconnection. These advantages distinguish Wi-Fi systems to other alternatives. Among the disadvantages of Wi-Fi is the intersection zones of reception from the various stations and limited range, but the issues in the near term will allow.

The essence of the new proposal, which threatens to escalate into large-scale movement boils down to that with the help of additional software to turn home wireless routers - devices by which computers together in networks - in the access point Wi-Fi. They, in turn, will be open for free use by members created kommnyuniti - the so-called Foner - worldwide.

By the project has already expressed interest in a number of other companies and the investment amount has already exceeded $ 20 million. Negotiations are conducted with the Swedish and Spanish Glocalnet Jazztel. The largest manufacturer of networking equipment Cisco Systems Inc. remains on the sidelines, but as it became known that one group of companies have expressed interest in the intriguing project.

Its purpose is to create a global network of public Wi-Fi connectivity. It is assumed that the project will evolve, as it will connect all the more interested users. At the same time to become a member kommyuniti - Foner - and enjoy all the benefits of global Wi-Fi, in principle, can be anyone. He can only comfortably accommodate your router (if any) in order to rest, "Foner, who happen to be nearby with their device that supports Wi-Fi, could pick up a signal.

In this case, "Foner," can choose the terms on which it will provide a router for general use, ie whether he will do it for free or still at a reasonable cost. Moreover, as stated by Google and Skype, to users of the global Wi-Fi, are not "Foner," ie, not registered and provided their switch at the rights of public use, have to pay. The money will go in the pot. " The issue of security of computers that exist in a network of global Wi-Fi, also fully rests on the shoulders, "Foner.

Of course, companies that implement such an ambitious program in the market condition is primarily their own goals. Skype, for instance, hopes in this way to develop broadband Internet access - high speed Internet with extensive data access the World Wide Web - and, therefore, to assert itself.

Google, in turn, is engaged in WiFi-networks is not the first year, setting one of them in California and intending to "win" in San Francisco.

p align = "justify"> One of the main issues - providing the right amount of access points. In other words, the coverage area should be large enough. Otherwise, the project can be forgotten.

About this, apparently, have to worry providers and mobile operators that support other standards, because, if successful, the company called "Global Wi-Fi technology competitiveness will fall sharply.

Meanwhile, Wi-Fi campaign is growing, noting that since last November, when he was running a beta version of the project, the disposal of FON has already about 3,000 users. In most companies, serving in the van, hoping that at this rate community, "Foner," quickly grows. According to company forecasts, by 2010 the world must be more than a million "open" access points, Wi-Fi, which, of course, solve the problem of wireless Internet. Shareware global network will be available not only in some cafes.

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