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The new solar system generates new puzzles

February 15 2006

Scientists have discovered in our galaxy, a new solar system, which is located at a distance of 500 light years from Earth in the constellation Ophiuchus. It is in the process of formation and evolution, ie the birth of planets, can run into millions of years. At the heart of the new solar system is a young star. All that while scientists have seen - is two characteristic plane, shrouded in the dust disk moving around the central star. Great surprise to astronomers is that objects move in different directions.

In connection with this circumstance, it was assumed that eventually, when the solar system will be formed around the central celestial body, the planet will move in different directions - clockwise and cons.

In our solar system, in contrast to the observed, more orderly fashion. All the known planets - from Mercury to Pluto - revolve around the sun in one direction.

Scientists attribute this to the fact that the sun, like all the planets revolving around it, formed from a cloud of dust and gas , is in constant motion. Moving the cloud set the direction of subsequently formed from it the planets.

The possibility of simultaneous rotation of the planets in the opposite direction was a revelation to the researchers of a celestial body .

Scientists have no clear answer to the question why the planet in the constellation Ophiuchus behave this way. Presumably, at the dawn of the solar system, there were two clouds instead of one, and they, respectively, were moving in different directions. This led to a "double rotation".

The origin of the solar system is in the formation of new stars and the movement of gas and dust leads to the formation of small clots oblakoobraznyh who takes over the direction of motion.

"We first witnessed this phenomenon, and this means that the process of forming planets from such disks is more complicated than we imagined before", - commented the officer discovered the U.S. National Radio Astronomy Observatory, which is being monitored for changes in the new solar system.

Observation of a new solar system is by a careful study of radio waves of certain frequencies which are emitted by molecules contained in the space clouds.

Due to the frequency of the molecules, respectively, is changing - becoming higher or lower - depending on the direction of bias. This phenomenon is known in science as the Doppler frequency shift. In order to make a final conclusion about the motion of the planets formed, the scientists compared the evidence obtained in various parts of the solar system.

This is really the first such experiment, known to science. As a result, the phenomenon was discovered, around which the current debate.

However, as the focus of professionals are new celestial bodies, it becomes increasingly clear: solar systems can be extremely diverse and unique, possessing its own personality.

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