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The Englishman won the AIDS, scientists have found the answer to eternal question and other science news

November 14 2005

Tireless scientific minds throughout the world are desperate search for answers to eternal questions. And if the secret meaning of life remains an enigma, a complex phenomenon such as loneliness is already close to full understanding.

Dutch researchers found that loneliness is not only due shyness or poor social adjustment, but partly inherited.

Specialists at the Free University in Amsterdam, conducted a study based on data from more than four thousand pairs of twins, for whom were monitored since 1991.

As a result, it was found that in a pair of identical twins have a problem with the experience of loneliness is most often concerned both twins, and a pair of fraternal may suffer only one. This indicates a genetic condition that features.

Twins were asked to compare the specific descriptions of loneliness of their situation. A third of men and half of women surveyed admitted that they felt the loneliness of moderate to extreme in its shape.

The researchers hypothesized that the ancient people's loneliness could be a mechanism for survival.

And here's the part that will appeal to people suffering from obesity or other reasons forced diet.

Researchers from Stanford University have discovered a hormone that suppresses hunger. Hormone called obestatin, "while it was only tested on laboratory rats. It is quite possible that discovery can form the basis of a new means to suppress appetite.

In humans, there is a hormone called ghrelin, which is released in the stomach and increases appetite. According to scientists, he helped the primitive people to survive: they absorb a lot of food when it was in excess in case of famine periods. But in modern developed countries, such a mechanism can do a disservice.

How to spot a Stanford endocrinologist Aaron Hsue and colleagues, obestatin is akin to hormone ghrelin, and also released in the intestine. They even nicknamed him "antigrelinom.

Hsue decided to create a synthetic version of the hormone and to examine his work. Surprisingly, the rats had normal weight, which were injected with obestatin, began to consume half as much food and weight, they decreased by 20 percent over eight days. The future plans of Hsue - testing the hormone in rats who are overweight.

Obestatin also brought rats to the slowing of gastric emptying and the process of moving food through the intestines.

Meanwhile, Time magazine published a list of major scientific advances of 2005. In the first place was a cloned dog named Snoop, who was born five months ago - in the laboratory at Seoul National University. The experiment lay the same technology, with which was created the famous sheep Dolly. Also on the list of interesting discoveries: a motorcycle on hydrogen-powered, disposable camera and a robot cat that can recognize voice commands.

However, the next news is so sensational that could challenge the primacy of Snoop among the most important events in the scientific world.

The fact that the 25-year-old Andrew Stimpson from London, whose HIV was diagnosed in 2002, in October 2003 turned out to be absolutely healthy, despite the fact that he was not receiving treatment.

Timpson told the newspaper that after he was told about the positive test result for HIV, he suffered depression and even tried to commit suicide. True, he felt well and did not need medication.

14 months later, doctors suggested he undergo tests for HIV again and this time the result was negative.

Stimpson has demanded compensation, but he explained that the analysis procedure was performed according to the rules, and the errors could not be.

National Health Service is proposed to hold an additional check as to soothe the most Stimpson, and for the benefit of future patients.

AIDS specialist Dr Patrick Dixon, who met earlier similar cases in Africa, believes that the immune system Stimpson may contain a key that can help develop an AIDS vaccine.

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