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From "Hackers" to the dance floor. What could be the general director and a disc jockey?

June 14 2005

Not much, you answer, and turn out wrong. Refute it took two well-known master - Steve Lawler and Iain Softley: Collaboration Britons will be presented soon on a wide screen. "Skeleton Key" - a new film Softley - is intriguing if only because a hand to her guru, the dance floor.

An event that could change the whole look at the art of DJing, which is widely perceived as something secondary, and even more second-rate. The conventional wisdom: a remote stand, as a rule, people just experienced in the music, but no more. Ie special education, however. However, a disc made zhokee judged by his works.

Steve Lawler (Lawler), the well-known person in the world, above all, club sound, was invited to participate in the work on the tracks to the new film director and producer, Iain Softley (Softley), known for such works as the K-Pax, Hackers, Backbeat.

In this case, the director, according to the latest film - "Skeleton Key" (question) - and Co-operation in this regard to the trendy DJ, strengthens your style, winning once recognized youth circles for its "hackers." The tape was marked by printing the time and was in some sense, the cover period diskettes, through which the notorious hackers (in any way a century presented as goodies) saves the world.

At this time, Softley, taking up shooting, also does not change yourself, not forgetting the musical accompaniment, and resorting to the skill of Lawler. The latter, incidentally, is quite a match for your employer, and also managed to grab the stars from the sky. Magazine «Jockey Slut» neither more nor less called it one of the best in the world club scene. And despite the fact that Lawler sees himself as just a disc jockey in his spare time he opens the music books. "When I write music, I close my eyes and imagine myself on the dance floor, surrounded by light and vibration of sound systems" - recognized musician. He has a lyric!

And now it turns out that Softley, as long fascinated by the creative impulse and the potential for Lawler, he decided that he could do a remix on the main track to the film. Who was most interested in it, remains a mystery, but apparently it required skill. In addition, the director's flair rarely deceives Softley, who personally convinced in the abilities diskzhokeya, having heard plenty takers for the soul rhythms in Europe and America.

For the recognition of the Lawler, he always loved "horror" (the latter work Softley indeed gloomy), and therefore could not resist when the director approached him with a proposal. "Always wanted to do writing music for films" - added a lucky man.

The film, in which the roles were found for an interesting constellation of actors: Kate Hudson, Gena Rowlands, Peter Sarsgaard and John Hurt, is about to appear on the screens of cinemas - the Russian premiere is scheduled for July this year. "Skeleton Key" is a modern "supernatural" thriller with a typical oppressive, tense atmosphere. In this case, the movie plot does not differ emphasized the ingenuity or originality. Rather the opposite - a series of events is extremely traditional.

The central image in the movie is Caroline (Hudson), who plays nurse. She is coming home every day couples and caring for the elderly man. Intrigued by the odd couple, their secretiveness, and a strange house, Caroline begins to explore the sinister old mansion.In her hands is a skeleton key with which it can penetrate any door. Finally, in a "perfect" day, she discovers a forgotten attic, where lies a terrible secret ...

As conceived by film director, music Lawler should better harmonize with the gloomy mood of the painting. Disc-jockey, I think, had pretty sweat. Music - always a crucial element of any film in the "Latchkey" it represents an encrypted message, which is at the heart of mystery film. I wanted to get at the output of a dark and at the same time, the modern equivalent of this message ... track is perfectly suited to the image. He was moody, hypnotic ... "- so the director sees the picture of the offspring Lawler.

Well, let's see what will offer the viewer an unusual duo. Whether the result will surpass expectations? In any case, the experiment in his own curious and worthy of attention.

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