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At Seagate, Siemens opened paranoia

March 14 2006

The problem of keeping sensitive data has not disappeared - it has only intensified. That's why the market is still very popular variety of cryptographic packages and programs, through which data can be hidden or at least sort of a special secure containers. This is one of the most reliable ways to protect the information from another's eyes.

However, the limit of perfection, as we know, there is - beneath all the database - which operates almost every routine - you can pick up your key.

Often, the attacker does not even need to crack cryptographic - enough to determine what software is used to work with encrypted data and obtain data to the desired application. For example, the shell used to control the system to protect your computer. As a result, all the data you are working, will be in the hands of an attacker .

Another weak point of the vast majority of security software - temporary files are automatically created when working with data. It is not necessary to exclude the possibility of its recovery with a strong desire for an autopsy and the use of encrypted data.

In extreme cases, especially stubborn attacker could exploit the many shortcomings of the operating system installed on the user's computer to bring down the whole system and after recovery to retry hacking .

All of this tool only allows to understand very clearly how vulnerable - with all the automated protection systems - remains a computer.

Seagate "lochit" hard drives

Others, one of the leading manufacturers of hard drives - Seagate has decided to still compete with the iron logic. Last month the company introduced its new achievement - the hard drive of a new line of Momentus. The principal difference between "Hard" is that he has a system of full hardware encryption.

Hard drive automatically encrypts all data to which he has to work, adding an additional layer of protection. In this case, as we are assured by the representatives of the company, it has virtually no effect on device performance, including processing speed. If desired, all information stored on the disk can be instantly erased.

For more convincing to a computer you can install additional protection in the form of special software from the company Secude IT Security. And this is a fundamentally new and promising, since special hardware imposed a special "soft." This not only increases the degree of data protection but also allows better control over security system computer, which uses a hard drive with its own encryption system.

Through a special software users have the administrative resources and advanced management capabilities.

In addition, Secude offers another "independent" software with which you can encrypt data on removable storage devices.

Siemens encrypted

Company Siemens , in turn, is also concerned about the safety of their customers and announced the first cordless telephone with protection from eavesdropping.Gigaset SL74X from Siemens became the first wireless phone with a system of coded signals.

Wireless device representing a variety Gigaset SL74, will be equipped with a digital processor, with which will be implemented signal processing, and the latest data encryption systems.

The starting price of the new phone Siemens Gigaset SL74X be about $ 2000. The device goes on sale this fall.

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