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Sverhsvoboda or total control: people have begun to implant microchips

February 14 2006

The most daring fantasy authors in the genre of cyberpunk novels seem to start to come true. Two employees of a private firm in Ohio that specializes in security systems that were implanted electronic devices.

CityWatcher became the first American company that had this kind of implantation. Silicone implants are identification cards, which are sewn into the right hand man. Information from these cards can be read by a special device resembling an ordinary card reader.

In the U.S., the practice of implanting RFID tags to people there is not the first year, they are allowed in Mexico: the company Applied Digital Solutions (ADS) in the spring of 2002 was able to sell the microchips, code-named VeriChip, implantable person and containing its identification code. This code can be linked to a database that contains information of any kind, including medical information.

In Russia supplies RFID chips VeriChip production Applied Digital Solutions (USA), intended for implantation under the skin of a person already has a company RussGPS. RussGPS proposes to use RFID to MOE staff and law enforcement agencies, whose professional activity is connected with the constant risk, as well as for people with severe diseases associated with memory disorders.

Among Americans, by the way, pretty much willing to voluntarily implanted in their bodies, RFID chip (RFID). It makes life easier for a consumer society. For example, using the chip for $ 2 sewn under the skin between the thumb and forefinger, you can enter the password one flick of the wrist at a distance of less than 10 cm from the scanner. With the implanted chip, you can open the door of his apartment, or connect to a PC.

"I want to have guaranteed access to the necessary things to me. RFID chips are very suitable to me. Even if I suddenly find myself naked in the park, I will still be able to get into his house. In this age of such devices can significantly facilitate life. One of the main advantages of these chips is that they can not be lost or stolen, and when the need arose they can be removed from the body "- told Reuters in an interview Amal Graafstra, a 29-year-old Canadian businessman, who wished to implant the microchip itself. Arriving in New York for the event on-chip implants, he said that this technology, as it is known, uses at least 20 people.

One of them was severely paralyzed Matthew Nagle, were able to control home appliances through implanted in his brain to a special microchip. But television experiment is not limited to, Matthew is also able to manage the movements of a robotic arm.

Over time, the microchip implant will become even simpler. The more so because the Japanese company Hitachi has created the smallest and thinnest in the world microchip. Its size - smaller than grains of salt - can "implant" it even in the paper.

The thickness of the square of the microchip does not exceed 7.5 micron (one thousandth of a meter), and the side length of 0.15 mm. Upon receiving the signal from the remote antenna chip transforms it into an electrical signal, and "reflects" to read the identification number that can be programmed.

Practical use of semiconductor miracle company plans to begin in 2007.

RFID-chips are widely used for labeling and animals.In the dairy complex Sverdlovsk village Bazhenova equipped with modern Italian equipment, allowing for the computer control of the herd. In each cow implanted microchip. Using a computer individually tracked cow productivity and milk quality. Currently Bazhenov department developed and in the coming months will be introduced to the training program for young Loose.

Progress develops unprecedented pace. Just how far a person willing to go in the new experiments? It is logical to assume that "believing" so domesticated animal, strong world would be very tempting to do the human herd. The more volunteers are already in short supply.

Not far to seek: the scenario of such events is detailed in "Revelation". Maybe today is the most useful and relevant reading for the night.

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