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Computer-killer: the secrets of the most progressive human assistant

December 13 2005

A few days ago Chain had spread the news, a 38-year-old citizen of South Korea died of a heart attack, due to the fact that playing computer games for 10 days without a normal rest. As was later reported to police, a gamer from morning till night sitting in an internet cafe for games and almost no sleep.

Shortly before this incident, another resident of Korea, died of a heart attack under similar circumstances. The young man was not sleeping and not eating more than two days, also playing in one of the computer club.

Computer games are becoming more sophisticated, and the boundary between reality and virtual space is becoming increasingly shaky. V. Blizzard, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of parents of 13 year old teenager who committed suicide after playing World of Warcraft.

According to Chinese news agency Xinhua, the boy jumped out the window and crashed to his death after a lost episode of the game. Parents of a teenager with his counsel gathered about 63 people whose children are somehow affected by the computer dependence and intend to file a class action lawsuit against members of the gaming industry.

Experts studying the problem in the United States, estimated that of the computer according to suffer from 6 to 10 percent of the 189 million American Internet users dollars. In recent years, visitors psychoanalysts increased the number of people complaining about the addiction to constant holding time on the computer. Improving performance of the relevant medical field.

In South-East Asia, computer dependency has become a serious social problem, particularly among teenagers. People spend most of their time working on the Internet, gaming, including online multiplayer role-playing games where the number of fans is growing rapidly worldwide. Recently in Beijing also opened a specialized clinic for the treatment of this type of mental disorder.

Psychiatrists believe that computer dependency has the same nature as alcohol or drugs. However, some experts note that do not see an excessive enthusiasm for the necessary set of clinical signs of such addiction.

However, according to American researchers from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Texas, playing video games can trigger in some children seizures. In addition, video games interfere with the harmonious development of the child, taking the time that he could spend on any creative or developing knowledge. Professor of Pediatric Neurology, William Singer, who works at Children's Hospital-based University of Texas at Galveston has developed a series of recommendations for parents that will help to minimize harmful to children's health effects of video games.

First of all, according to the neurologist, you should make sure that your child is sitting no closer than 60 inches from the screen, and the larger screen size, the farther the distance must be before it. The room is lit overhead light - it reduces the flicker that can provoke seizures in susceptible children to them. Meanwhile, to determine whether the child has a predisposition to epilepsy or not, it is very difficult.

Particular caution ought to show her parents, whose children previously existed seizures on a background of high temperature, as this may indicate a predisposition to epilepsy. For 15 minutes every hour the child should break away from the game.During a break, you should not watch TV - it is better if the child is porous or read a book. Parents need to understand the labeling of video games, to avoid overly aggressive games.

We must observe the child when he goes on the Internet. Some children are quite capable downloaded from any inappropriate them the game. Nevertheless, as noted by Dr. Singer, computer games - is not necessarily bad and harmful. Developed and are in demand and exciting at the same time useful, or educational video games.

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