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"Intercity" dictionaries will help Russians to understand each other

September 13 2005

How to call high-rise building - "Tower", "skyscraper", "tower" or "candle"? How to say - "curb" or "border"? Two Russian capital of St. Petersburg and Moscow are separated from each other, little more than 700 kilometers, but residents of both cities are often referred to as the same object or phenomenon is quite different words. Nevertheless, until now there was no dictionary, which could help to Muscovites and St. Petersburg people understand each other better, which would be reflected especially in urban areas of vocabulary throughout Russia and abroad, with detailed interpretations, examples of usage, important comments ...

But, here, in April 2005 in the format of the electronic dictionaries Lingvo was first established Moscow-St. Petersburg dictionary. The popularity of this project, every day carrying the day to day used words in the "Moscow" language "from St. Petersburg and back, as well as the number of responses underlines its timeliness.

Penetrating the essence of the problem, the company ABBYY, specializing in dictionaries, has decided to implement a product "Languages Russian cities." On this venture works a group of prominent Russian scientists sociolinguists. Create a dictionary can be connected to the ABBYY Lingvo and see on the Internet.

The aim of this project - to create a single dictionary, dedicated urban dialect of Russian. Its mission - to capture a living language of contemporary Russian and Russian-speaking city abroad.

To date, electronic dictionary "Languages Russian cities" is essentially a multiregional: it contains 84 entries with examples of usage and cross-references to the meaning of the words used in the Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh, Irkutsk and other major cities. From the dictionary can be found, for example, that "TV", "monkey" and "Aquarium" - in fact synonymous, that "leggings" - a Uralic pantaloons, and "gomonok - Siberian purse.

"Until now, the interests of scientific lexicography traditionally focused on the literary language and rural dialects, and in describing how to speak in different cities of our vast country, made up a little insulting. It is clear: almost all dictionaries until recently not only published but also created in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Now, thanks to the Internet, we can not only gather information but to comprehensively discuss it and make the most trustworthy "- commented on the opening of the project Vladimir Belikov, a leading researcher at the Department of Modern Russian IRYA Academy of Sciences, Cand. Philology.

In general, the Dictionary of Languages Russian cities "- is an open web project. Anyone can take part by sending examples of language features of their city. After verification by experts, this information is included in the dictionary.

I note that some time ago, the light has another interesting linguistic products targeted at those who are simply lost in the jungle of the modern "you like this" language.

Manual on modern slang is called "Russian" rave "as a foreign language" and published it in Kaliningrad. Textbook authors - Associate Professor of Slavic Studies of the Kaliningrad State University Shkapenko Tatiana and her colleague from the University of Kiel Friedrich Hübner.

The collection includes several hundred, the most frequently used in recent lexical expressions and words that have a course on youth hangouts, media, advertising.

lovoobrazovatelnaya reshuffle led to the fact that "conversational-rave" in the language has become something akin to the foreign and requires translation into Russian. Not everyone will understand what "mokruha", "ottyag", "gasilovka" or "sit-Romka. Foreigners and do not understand what "market" old chap is different from the market, or what is meant by "fingers like a fan" ....

Other materials section is available here .

Maria Pavlikova

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