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"Black Prince" is watching you or who controls the activity of earthlings in space?

February 13 2006

Once famous Soviet science fiction writer Alexander Kazantsev Petrovich told that the Earth revolves around the "unaccounted" satellite, under the mysterious name "Black Prince".

According to the writer, the object could well be an alien companion, a kind of messenger of some extraterrestrial civilization. Such information has not left indifferent many people, including scientists.

American astrophysicist Ronald Breysuel was the first who reacted seriously to the hypothesis about the presence of the Earth automated probe alien civilization. In 1960 he published a paper in which it reaffirmed its conclusions of practical radio engineering data. They showed a place from time to time strange phenomena that accompany the radio sessions. Scholar saw in these attempts to probe the strangeness to establish contact with the Earth's civilization.

The probe, according to Breysuella, has long been in the vicinity of the Earth and "speak" when we pay attention to it. But he will respond only after a long, nearly two hundred years, a period of political stability on Earth, and provided sustained interest to him a few generations. After establishing contact with the probe, we have a thorough evaluation and a long transfer of information about ourselves. Contact with their shipping, the probe may begin transmission of the response, providing earthlings their knowledge and skills. In this contact, we may not be the first. Therefore, in what might follow link to the chain of civilizations, has long been in contact with each other.

In late 1958 report on "Black Prince" came from the amateur astronomer from Arizona Steven Slaton. Watching through a telescope at the edge of the lunar disk, he noticed a dark spherical object moving with incredible speed. As he moved along the straight path and dostignud edge of the lunar disk has disappeared, Slayton has described the object as anomalous.

Having estimated the trajectory of an object, an astronomer calculated the time when he should appear again. And so it happened, an unknown object moving along an elliptical trajectory at an altitude of 1-2 thousand kilometers above the earth and had a diameter of ten meters. This observation Slaton confirmed by another astronomer.

The military asked him characteristics of the orbit and carried out their own radar observations, but no object was found. In the press sent a message that Slayton, apparently watching a meteor flying near the Moon.

However, Slaton has calculated the next passage of an object on the disk of the moon and took the telescope to newspapers and TV reporters, who saw the reality of observations. But American and Soviet radars did not detect any object. However, amateur astronomers still reported sightings of the "Black Prince" on the lunar and even the solar disk.

After 20 years, swept the next wave of interest in the mysterious object. Gorky Radiophysics during testing of the new super-sensitive instruments have recorded an object in Earth's atmosphere, heated to temperatures above 200 degrees Celsius. The object is not fixed by conventional radar facilities.

Ten years later an American military expert Tom Erickson announced his conclusion: "Black Prince" is not fixed by radar because of his coverage based paint ... graphite, which absorbs radio waves! Just a year later an American communications satellite launched into orbit close to the "Black Prince" suddenly disappeared from radar screens.Presumably, the satellite could collide with his mysterious brother.

The first UFO in space were recorded on Dec. 11, 1955 by American astronomer John Green. Two years before Sputnik, he found ten artificial bodies in orbit around our planet.

In February 1962, American John Glenn saw a UFO in space. Three sites at first pursued the ship, then overtook him with different speeds. In May 1962, Malcolm Carpenter photographed some of the lights similar objects. In October of that year, Walter Schirra saw a large glowing object over the Indian Ocean. In May next year, Gordon Cooper saw a red object with a tail over Australia, a fixed land-based stations.

Almost every flight of U.S. manned spacecraft, followed by a sighting. Even when the Americans first went to the side of the moon, the journey was not without unexplained phenomena.

When the ship was at a distance of about 60,000 kilometers from Earth, astronauts Frank Borman, James Lovell and William Anders saw a disc-shaped object appeared. With the advent of the UFO all control systems and navigation devices "Apollo" ceased to function, and communication with Earth was lost, that has done a lot of noise in the Mission Control Center in Houston. A few minutes later the UFO had disappeared with great speed, and the astronauts had to make an unscheduled corrective measures to restore the course.

The impression that someone knowingly sought to prevent the Americans to the moon ...

In 1978, Yuri Romanenko in an interview with the newspaper "Evening Moscow" told how in December 1977, with Georgi Grechko within two turns of the observed object, persecuting the Salyut-6 ". According to him, it was clearly a small metallic body whose size was difficult to determine. True later, he said that it was a capsule with the waste.

July 17 of the second crew member of the Salyut-6 "Vladimir Kovalyonok reported in MCC on the observation of a UFO flying at a speed less than the speed of the Salyut-6" angle to the orbital station. The report TsUPu astronaut described it as "a tennis ball with a bright flaring stars.

August 15 Vladimir Kovalyonok and Alexander Ivanchenko recorded in the logbook of observation ahead of the station of some object, which then approached the station, then moved away from her.

August 29, 1978, when the station arrived international Soviet-German crew, for four cosmonauts have witnessed the emergence of a large object, circled over the station. Valery Bykovsky after planting told only that they did see something strange, but refrained from details.

July 12 next year, cosmonauts Anatoly Birch and Valentin Lebedev, watched on a video screen mounted on the Salyut-7, both between Fireworks and progress-14 flew from the top down any unknown object, whose image on the screen had a tear-shaped. The astronauts reported about this in the Control Center.

September 26, 1990 Gennady Strekalov, flying over Newfoundland, ten seconds of watching the bright, like a Christmas toy ball. That same year, Musa Manarov saw a strange object, rotating near the ship. All this was recorded on film.

These facts known to many, there is only one question, who and for what purpose the activities of earthlings in space.

On materials: Darck-star, Ufology, "The world around us."


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