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"Before the Flood": the Earth is not more than 8000 years?

December 12 2005

In the near future on the collapse of the Russian book should appear novel, Maxim Mironov rather pretentious name of "Before the Flood." The author has dared to present his version of what happened in the time from Adam to Noah. Moreover, the plot is not contrived or questionable facts, but on strict calculations of scientists on the antediluvian events.

However, scientific tediousness product is no different, as the author skillfully introduces into the narrative or that character, including, in the course of events extra stress. As far as the estimates of the time and living in it the characters, only the best referee judge - time. And while "Before the Flood" pretends to be one of the most controversial works of our time. And it obviously helps to initiate new debate about the origin of life on planet Earth and the universal sense of being ...

About the novel, Maxim Mironov I learned polusluchayno. Together we were sent to the television studio Naro-Fominsk. On the road suddenly became clear that the mention of an expedition searching for Noah's Ark on Ararat in 2003, where I had to lead, hit a new novel by my companion. Even more I was struck by the name of the product - "Before the Flood." Maxim gave me a manuscript and read it again we spoke close to both of us free.

What prompted the idea to write a novel?

Idea originated in early 1998. I am a long time and quite seriously studied the sacred history, and especially attractive look for me in this regard the Old Testament, precisely because of its obscure to the "average reader." The question of the origin of the universe, life, etc. troubled me since childhood (I guess, like any person). And now for six years, I have painstakingly and persistently searching for material for "Before the Flood", carefully assembling it on a variety of sources. And the most important thing for me was to find an answer that would have sounded just a sensation, and allowed the key questions of life.

Simply put, I was searching for an answer, first and foremost for himself. In many ways, I approached the topic as an investigator, selecting and filtering the evidence, weighing each of them. And only after the material collected after six years have shown me enough for announcing his verdict, I began to work directly over the product.

How was this very literary form?

Firstly, because it's so interesting. Secondly, I still do not pretend to scientific discovery. I repeat: the fact that I have outlined - the personal point of view of a particular person, which he tried to present as evidence. And therefore, threaten a treatise or okolonauchnoe popular edition, I found inappropriate. And what other form could be elected? For the story, or povestushki too closely. The play, a poem? Who reads them now? There was only one - a small novel.

Does the soil under the situation with the train or a literary turn? (The story begins with getting the author's train station Kubinka).

I've been thinking about how I send the hero in the past so that it was not izezzheno. For a long time could not come up with. I lived then at Kubinka. And once described in the novel the story barely had happened to me in reality - the good, had otprygnut aside. And when the train zipped past me, and I was baptized, that passed me by me and lit up: there is progress! Well, they took it.

yuzhet develops in the Old days, which is described quite differently from how it used to portray scientists foreheads. Not afraid of incurring their wrath?

I am ready to accept any criticism, if it is supported by csootvetstvuyuschimi evidence. Man is imperfect, it is always fallible. I do not rule that could prevent some mistakes, and be delighted to correct them, if I conclusively show that I'm wrong.

The book presents some interesting scientific hypotheses. However, the dating of the existence of planet Earth - only 8,000 years old - it seems highly doubtful.

About dating - the evidence I cite in the second and third chapters.
Sources from which it is taken, are there, as well as in the preface. I am ready to give up this dating, if I can prove otherwise. I repeat: for me, most importantly the truth! And that's it, I want to know.

However, you do not accept the "new chronology" A. T. Nosovsky and GV Fomenko. Not afraid to imitate their fate?

About the "new chronology" Nosovsky and Fomenko. The answer is obvious: I'm trying to get to the truth, and these gentlemen work out the fee for the expansion of internal CIA identity of Russia. They need at all costs to prove the most important - the falsity of the Gospel and what we know about Christ. That is what is the cornerstone of their false teachings. Discredit the evangelists and historians of antiquity under any sauce, and hence remove the responsibility from the conscience of every man.

Everything Else - derived from this main installation. From this and freaks out in the first place with a date of birth of the Savior, and blasphemous "parallelism" between him and Pope Gildebrant and wacky version of "King of the Slavs." That is, people pyzhatsya every effort to prove that Christ - who is anything but a man who he really is not the Son of God, not the Savior of the World. But to prove this is impossible in principle because too much evidence to the contrary. Therefore, the whole theory of H & F is divided elementary, which was done many times before. All their "theory" is based either on the elementary illiteracy, or the fraudulent machinations of what they repeatedly condemn. I did not work out some sort of fee and do not put the objectives of overthrowing someone else. For me it is a matter of conscience. I hope this says it all.

The novel is called "Before the Flood"? How realistic you think the existence of Noah's Ark and its scope of universal catastrophe?

I think all my work - the answer to this question. With regard to the ark, then its existence is, in my opinion, indisputable. The results of the expeditions Fernand Navarra, other researchers, which I mentioned in the novel, including your in 2003, as well as images were repeatedly made from the air, etc. - All this suggests that the Ark is not only there , but still exists, repose on the slopes of Mount Ararat. Recollections of Noah and preserved almost all the peoples of the world, as I write in the book.

By the way, Babylon Ut-Napishtim - almost identical to Noah, with the exception of parts. But this absolutely does not mean that Noah - the character of "local" values, as sometimes it is trying to present "debunkers" of the Bible. Echoes of the legends about the Great Flood and the man who saved his three sons, there are even American Indians. In my opinion, it is quite convincing evidence that the fundamental principle of all these stories is one, and the real proof of it lies on the slopes of Mount Ararat.With regard to the scale disaster, the talus deposits, as far as I know, cover the whole Europe, most of Asia, North Africa and the Americas. Apparently, South Africa and other lands were not covered by the Flood. He was the "world" in the sense of all mankind, and it is noted even in his writings, Fr Stephen Lyashevsky.

What did the novel priests and scholars?

To obtain estimates it must first publish. As long as I can tell
only a few evaluations: the Orthodox publishing house mite-press novel
flatly refused to print, not even commenting on his refusal.

Sculptor Gregory Potocki he brought into the state of anger - that was a big enemy of my work, although the previous things regarded with admiration. Poet Alexander Chistyakov, who edited the novel, said this: "Nobody listen. You wrote an excellent thing, but trouble for it, you'll get a lot!" That such views. I also want to show the prior Naro-Fominsk temple.

Maxim Mironov was born in Krasnodar, July 29, 1971. At age 13, lost his mother and was forced to deal with raising three younger brothers. Graduated from Law Faculty of the Kuban State University. In 1991, after the August events in Moscow, organized the Committee for Human Rights, initiating the human rights movement in the region. In 1993 he retired from political activities and went on active duty in the military courts. As a forensic investigator was on the territory of the Chechen republic. Party to the hostilities. In July 1995, was detained by gunmen and held them for three days. Faced with the arbitrariness and corruption in the armed forces and law enforcement agencies in 1996, left in reserve. Since 2002, he began professionally in journalism and literature. He currently lives in Moscow.

Among the most famous books - stories by "pure lie" and "God of this world, as well as novel agent for marketing."

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