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Warning: the vampire does not sleep! How to avoid becoming a victim

September 12 2005

In the early 90's to hit our country flows of various "anomalous" information, like mushrooms after a rain-bred grandmother's fortune-teller, hereditary clairvoyant, psychics .... Around the same time to light after centuries of neglect crept energy vampires. The concept of psycho-energetic vampirism densely populated in the minds of our countrymen.

It turns out that the so-called vampires are quite common and live at the expense of our vital energy. How do we know that to you "sucked" some kind of a leech?

Pretty easy - just listen to yourself and to your feelings.

For example, you began to feel that after talking with a certain person, you have a rapidly deteriorating state of health, there is a weakness, irritability, dissatisfaction, and others, etc. Try to remember what you did, the people I met before to feel the "voltage drop".

There are those who have always all bad, from communicating with whom just want to hang myself. Or conversely, are "shustriki" that all the time melteshat, a lot of chatter in the end, you lose the thread of conversation with them and falls into a state of stupor ....

In general, energy vampires is conventionally divided into "solar" and "lunar". The first obviously and absorb a lot of other people's energy. For example, your fear of the boss - the perfect one for him a way to recharge. So he and the pressure is mainly those who are afraid of him. But "Moon" vampires fed quietly and with small doses. When the girlfriend three o'clock nudit their bitter fate, and you sympathize her - so you pull out of energy.
If the alleged "energosos" identified, try to remember whether you have been a breakdown after previous meetings with this subject, if everything converges and the villain is found, it is necessary to apply a not particularly clever methods of protection from the "leeches".

Energy Shield:

This method is known in the majority of occult practices. Its essence is that the person on is allegedly encroaching vampire mind should surround himself with subtle energy shield or screen. In form it can be anything - a hemisphere, sphere, circle, a wall of different colors - gold, silver, blue, green, red or purple. Proved that the brighter a person's imagination, so it is easier to repel a vampire.

Get rid of fear:

Most often, vampires and various magicians magicians achieve their goals precisely because people fear them, superstitious fear seizes them at the mere thought of such an "evil" .... Often, small energy thieves grow in consciousness to the powerful monsters. If you catch yourself on it, just did not give such thoughts really matter.

"Cold Treatment":

Assume that sucking energy out of you constantly and annoyingly personality annoys you their problems. Curses his unhappy fate, complaining of problems and diseases, and while he absolutely does not want to correct the situation. In this case, the "holodoterapiyu. "The advice is to treat cold to people with a radiation", - experts speak of psycho-energetic protection. This does not mean that in relation to them must have the cruelty or indifference, it must be cold. Often, after using such tactics, the relationship with the vampire slowly taper off. Believe me, if the person is you, even very expensive, it is better to abort a similar energy donor.

Shaped protection:

the method is based on the same method as the energy panel - you need to imagine that between you and the vampire is a brick wall. Or mentally put "bloodsuckers" on its head "the night vase - very effectively ....

Circular protection:

Elementary way - mentally Surround yourself or someone who needs help, the energy range of silver or gold color. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of "magic circle will depend on the strength of conviction, embedded in creating this image.

I agree, many of the above might smack on some children's "horror stories", but how do you think you can explain that almost all the world leaders in the service are people - the screens that protect the head of state from various energy attacks?

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Maria Pavlikova

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