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Our forefathers were giants

January 12 2006

Legends of giants are spread all over the world. In the epic of many people referred to the three-, five-meter men. Images of giant people can be found in almost all countries. The best known of these giants of Britain.

This 70-meter "a man of Uilming-tone" (Sussex) and 50-meter-high "Giant from CERN (county Doroet), figures of giants are on the chalk hills. Ancient people have removed it from turf grass in such a way that exposing the white base of the hills. Huge white outline of human figures is perfectly visible on a green background, if you look at it from a height, such as aircraft.

Many believe that the giant structures like the British Stonehenge, are the graves of giants buried in enormous depth. Throughout human history, were found to confirm that sometime in the ancient Earth actually lived an incredibly tall people. And the huge fossilized bones, discovered in 1931 in Mexico City imprint of a gigantic foot, and eyewitness accounts, traveling in the XVI century in Patagonia (South America) - all of this suggests that stories about giants is not fiction.

In the ancient burial ground in Ohio (USA) has been found a huge copper ax weighing about 30 kilograms. Another ax was found stuck in the ground in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. Its weight and dimensions leave no doubt - to work in such a weapon could only be a very tall man, moreover, possessed uncommon strength. Now that the ax is in the collections of the Historical Society of Missouri. Soviet archaeologists in the 60's during excavations in Siberia, became the owners of another unique discovery: dinosaur bones sticking out of it with a huge pike.

Near the town of Carson City (Nevada, USA) in the sandstone were discovered imprints of a chain of traces of bare feet. The prints are very clear, and even the layman is clear - they are human footprints. The only thing that confuses scientists - the length of the foot, forever imprinted in the sandstone, is nearly 60 inches!

Age finds - about 248 million years! Discovered in Turkmenistan, a human foot print of 150 million years. Scientists suggest that the foot of our distant ancestor differs from the feet of modern man only their incredible size. Next to it remained a clear imprint of trace three-toed dinosaur feet! All this proves only one thing - our ancestors might well be giants. They have existed in prehistoric times and hunted the giant lizards that looked close to people and not all that huge.

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