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Our ancestors - the monkey: Soviet scientists tried to repeat the experiments of aliens?

March 10 2006

"Monkey see, monkey do, monkey will destroy you" (a) Henry Rollins

Looking for something like a giant monkey is engaged in amorous games with his girlfriend a huge, manly character in the Hollywood blockbuster "King Kong 2" pronounces the sacramental phrase, "because we are also primates, and runs from a kiss to the beauty of a group of biologists and researchers.

From such a scene in a movie theater audience gasped and allowed the romantic tear. Indeed, according to Darwin's theory, nor that the monkey is not alien to us. Why are there academics. Traces of our simian past lurk in the subconscious mind, otherwise, why many people are so attracted to cells with primates at the zoo. About this recall, and half-forgotten myths.

According to the version developed by American scientist of Russian origin Zecharia Sitchin and described in his book "12 th Planet", it is alleged that a person in its current form was created through genetic engineering. According to Sitchin in the Old Testament remained vague echoes of the versions to visit Earth extraterrestrial astronauts , which people took for cosmic gods. They created a person.

However, the most ancient of such evidence - the ancient Sumerian and Akkadian texts . In their role in the genesis of the transducer rights reserved Anunnaki - the fact that "came from heaven to earth." Approximately 300,000 years ago the Anunnaki landed on Earth in search of minerals, and they needed a work force. Enki, one of two brothers, leaders, suggested that for these purposes to improve the then existing on Earth hominid, adding he Anunnaki genes.

After several attempts, the Anunnaki were more or less suitable model. Due to this later emerged Adam and Eve

It is interesting that the Tibetan people to one legend explains its origins in a similar way. Once upon a time, at an extraordinary time when Tibet was and was not the Tibetans, the divine bodhisattva Manjushri, Avalokiteshvara and Vajrapani came together to figure out how to promote the great cause of salvation from the suffering of all sentient beings. Manjushri remembered the desert country north of the Himalayas, which should have been inhabited by people and make them in the future, the mainstay of the teachings of Sakyamuni. But where to find people?

Living in the motherland Shakyamuni can not live in a country of high, rough mountains and deep valleys. And he said to Manjushri: "In Tibet, there are no people, but there are demons of masculine and feminine. From the demons are born only to demons. If anyone of us will be a monkey, a male and will live with a mountain witch, it will initiate colonization of Tibet. And the merciful and compassionate Avalokitesvara, who was a patron of the desert and uninhabited by people the Land of Snow, was an ape, a male named Doug Rinpo and began to live with a mountain witch, whose name was Doug Rinmo. They had three sons and three daughters, from whom also came the people of Tibet.

Such legends are found among different peoples, albeit with some reservations.For example, the Bushmen contrary apes were once people, but the almighty Tsang as punishment for killing his son turned them into monkeys. The peoples of South Africa, chimpanzees are people offended by pygmies and gone into the woods.

In any case, the kinship of man and apes have always emphasized. The writers have succeeded in this, too, to recall the classic science fiction novel by HG Wells Island of Dr. Moreau "in which a mad scientist creating hybrids of humans and animals , including chelovekoobezyan.

But life is sometimes more surprising the most sophisticated science fiction plot. It turns out that in the mid 20-ies, attempts were made to cross human and monkey. According to researchers, the regime needed an army of humanoids with great strength and underdeveloped brain are insensitive to pain, endurance and unpretentious food.

In 1926, the Politburo approved a draft and asked the Academy of Sciences to study how to create a "living war machine". The task entrusted to Professor Ilya Ivanov, who by then had a great experience in crossing different species of animals . He proposed to produce the world's first artificial insemination: female chimpanzees - man's sperm, and women - the sperm of primates.

Produced for these purposes in Africa monkeys were going to use including for operations to rejuvenate the Soviet leaders. Save Kremlin patients could only transplant segments scrotum monkeys. Such surgery in Paris, held each Ivanova - French professor of Russian origin, SA Ravens. Preservation of the documentary material has allowed to reconstruct the story, which is due to leakage of information was the starting point for the works of Mikhail Bulgakov - Heart of a Dog "and" The Fatal Eggs ".

To conduct experiments in secrecy, in 1929 the Kremlin decided to create the nursery of the monkeys in the USSR. It was opened in Sukhumi, Georgia. Only after dozens of failed experiments Ivanov realized that he could not create a monkey soldier. December 13, 1930 the NKVD arrested the scientist. He presented the standard at the time the charges: "complicity with the bourgeois Internationale" and "anti-state activities." Execution of the sentence (five years of the gulag and exile in Kazakhstan) was interrupted by the death of Ivanov in 1932.

In 1992, during the famous Abkhazian events Sukhumi nursery was evacuated to the village of cheerful under Adler and is now called the Research Institute of Medical Primatology RAMS.

During the Soviet period in the nursery including more than 7,000 monkeys. In 1991 - 1992's, most of them victims of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict. Part was transferred to the village of Merry, a lot of monkeys either died from cold and starvation or were killed by combatants and looters.

Now the institute, which is considered the largest in Europe and contains about 3000 individuals, great apes do not, because almost all of them died. Current staff nursery argue that in Sukhumi has never been and were not planned experiments to create hybrid human and ape, but at the Moscow Institute of Endocrinology, under whose auspices the nursery existed at the beginning, did not warrant.

But if the idea of one writera href = "/ kurs/06-03-2006/18750-znaki-0" target = "_blank"> reflected in my life, why not assume that the speculation of another can also turn into a reality. One of the brightest writers of domestic fiction North Gansovsky once wrote a story, which serves not only as a warning, but maybe a terrible guess. (By the way, this story in 1985 titled film shot, considered to be one of the first Soviet thrillers. Really quite eerie turned out). It is true we are in it are not talking about monkeys, but too close to man creatures.

In the experiments, no one scientist Fiedler succeeded in developing brains of bears. They have acquired the ability to speak, read and count, but the animal nature has remained unchanged.

The result was a special creature - otarki, combine the aggression and brutality of the beast with stealth and cunning man. Otarki - a wicked parody of a man out of control, biological machine of murder. They ate laboratory, fled into the surrounding woods and began to terrorize all living things. Otarki extremely dangerous: they are physically much stronger person, and all the tricks people anticipate and anticipate. Moreover, they are so infiltrated the world of people that are trying to manage their lives. Yes, and Fidler, a man if he ...

Something to think about, because the fantasy - it's not just entertainment. Who knows, maybe Sukhumi nursery spawned a couple of hybrids and they ran into some valley "be fruitful and multiply."

In preparing the material used: "The history of Tibet from ancient times to the present day" (EI Kychanov, BN Melnichenko), Encyclopedia of fiction materials, "Russia" channel.

Константин Дятлов

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