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Uncovered the mystery poltergeist. Sensational discovery scientists

December 9 2005

All of us are not often heard stories of apartments where there are anomalies: the objects move by themselves, heard strange noises, light up the curtains themselves are opened and closed the door. All are manifestations of the so-called poltergeist, which has not yet been explained. However, recent studies have led scientists to a truly shocking result.

Breakthrough in study of poltergeist was made by the Russian doctor of medical sciences Andrew Lee. The scientist tried to explain the poltergeist from a scientific point of view. Andrew Lee directs the Foundation of parapsychology, which deals with serious scientific challenge: playing psychic phenomena - telekinesis - the movement of objects that take place without muscular effort, proscopia - foreknowledge of impending events, clairvoyance and other mysterious, from the perspective of the inhabitant, phenomena.

The fund Andrew Lee learned how to stimulate psychic abilities. It turns out that there are several ways to help at least temporarily become "an extraordinary person." This and the impact of physical fields into separate areas of the brain, and the introduction of rights in a particular state of mind by flashing with a specific mode of light bulbs, and rebirthing (golotropnoe breathing), and much more.

Lee spent some serious work aimed at studying and telekinesis. Scientists have shown that this kind of extra-practice requires the greatest exertion of the person. Therefore, even in the fund for the rotation of the vane an easy assemble an entire team of people with heightened psychic abilities. And the most curious that of all the people that move a particular object, one is always a mental effort to accumulate the entire group and translates them, such as a turntable.

In parallel, the Foundation of parapsychology was established service to victims of poltergeist. On call in an apartment with an intruder invaded the researchers came from the fund with special equipment. Calls have been different. In some apartments at a certain time there were strange smells, in others - could hear noise in the third - on the walls appear strange spots. Total office traveled to the challenges of 46 times.

After analyzing all the poltergeist cases, ufologists have identified some patterns. Thus, "a noisy guest prefers family with concealed internal conflicts. The phenomenon usually happened necessarily in the presence of a family member. He's not in the house - and the bustling spirit fades, harbor. Returns to people, provoking poltergeist - and again a bustling spirit of rude. And yet another law, the interested Andrew Lee. To poltergeist appeared as a rule, needed a certain "critical mass" of people. If a person provokes poltergeist, there was one or in the presence of only one family member, the bustling spirit of died down. The situation is very similar to telekinesis, implemented by the Foundation of parapsychology, but it seems that provoked this phenomenon is not at the conscious and the subconscious level. And most importantly, its intensity was much greater.

Especially scientists interested in repeated incidents of poltergeist Kolomna near Moscow. Residents of the apartment complained of constant self-ignition of various items. Arrived specialists showed a sofa that caught fire a few days ago. Then it immediately poured water and as it were "mothballed" the moment of its ignition. Under pristine fire covering a thick layer of wool, and inside it a few foci of spontaneous combustion, located at a distance of 3 inches from each other, forming a spot of about 10-13 centimeters in diameter.It turns out that the sofa broke out inside. Another spot fires exactly the same size found in the kitchen. Concrete wall, there is no wiring, no seams. But it is precisely from the stain on it and went the fire. And after it was quickly put out, to this sections of the wall for a few hours it was impossible to touch - it is still hot.

"Compute" foundation staff and a girl, provoking poltergeist. She was offered work on a water meter. During the experiments in the fund in order to make the turntable movement, efforts were needed the entire group. Girl coped with the problem alone and it is easy vane rotates within 1,5 - 2 hours. After such psychiatric discharges - translated from the fiery poltergeist into kinetic form - the event of fire in Kolomna in decline.

On materials ufologists. Ru

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