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Dogs, too, laugh when they give cell phones and video cameras

December 9 2005

The desire to find new ways to use our four-legged fellow is haunted by scientists around the world. As usual, most of all goes to the dogs. Naive and touching in his love for people they do not even suspect that they have prepared century of technological progress.

British police not only outfitted dogs, miniature cameras, but also taught them how to bring the hosts cell phones.

Nortumbriyskoy police recruits by German Shepherd - 5-year-old Sammy and 3-year training course in opposition gunmen attached to the head of the chamber. Equipped with same way dogs are able to carry out exploration in the building where barricaded offender.

The picture comes from their cameras to the receiving device, dog handlers, who monitors all movements of four-legged assistants.

Camera equipped with infrared sensors to monitor the situation in the dark. Moreover, Zara and Sammy are trained to deliver a mobile phone under the door, so officers could negotiate with the suspect during the siege.

For such operations, experts are looking for dogs with specific traits, so that they work in stressful situations. Canine control animals using gestures or voice, if they are not in sight.

American developers are also not lagging behind their British counterparts. PetsMobility company introduced the first mobile phone for pets - the machine-collar PetCelI. The instrument, made in the form of bones, fastened to dog's neck. It is equipped with sensor GPS, which allows the owner to always know the whereabouts of his pet.

The unit has its own phone number and is equipped with a speaker and microphone. Due to this dog owner can issue commands over the phone, which is especially important in the first fifteen minutes after the animal poteryalos.S using GeoFence device builds a virtual fence around the animal, and when the dog goes outside a certain area, the collar signals about this master .

Moreover, the built-in temperature sensor allows you to always monitor the temperature of the animal. On the device also has a few buttons, push one of them, who found a lost dog can contact the owner. At the request of the buyer PetCelI can be fitted with a miniature camera. The unit-collar PetCelI go on sale in March 2006, its cost will be about $ 350.

If such technological developments are understandable in terms of the needs of today, why do we need the following study is not entirely clear.

Washington expert on animal behavior Patricia Simonet says that when dogs play, they laugh, and laughter is contagious.

Four years ago, Simonet conducted an experiment: she recorded on the disc "usual barking and the special sound of a dog who, in her opinion, nothing more than a laugh. Then record reproduced in an area where there were several dogs. Having heard the usual barking in the record, the dog did not pay any attention to him, continuing to bark. But as soon as included a dog laugh, all 15 dogs, do not stop barking, suddenly fell silent.

According to Simonet dog laugh something like a heavy snort, and such sounds very mean a lot to the animals when communicating with each other.

p align = "justify"> Now, in a similar way soothe dogs in one of the regional centers for animals.

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