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Mysterious creatures "Lost World": what scientists have faced?

February 9 2006

In the mountainous jungles of New Guinea, scientists have found a real "lost world", rather like Arthur Conan Doyle. Researchers have managed to get into this "garden of Eden" only by helicopter.

Foja Mountains, which reach heights of 2,2 thousand meters are not colonized by the local tribes, prefer to settle closer to the sea. Evolutionary biologist and ornithologist Professor Jared Diamond visited these mountains 25 years ago, but last year's trip was the first full-fledged expedition. The first discovery was a strange red-ratel, who was the first new bird species discovered in New Guinea.

Such a large number of unknown species recorded for the first time since 1939. Scientists have also found a rare zolotogrudogo bowerbird, first described in 1825. While Professor Diamond has identified the habitat of this bird in 1981, scientists were able to photograph the birds "dance floors" that birds build to attract partners. Bowerbird males, which are believed to be at a higher stage of evolution in birds, build large or unusual nests to attract females.

The most remarkable finding was a creature called shestishipovoy Berlepsha bird of paradise, named for the six spines on the head and was regarded as "lost" to science. Previously, it identified only by the feathers of dead birds.

Scientists have also discovered more than 20 new species of frogs, five new species of palm trees and many other plants yet to be classified. Botany, participated in the expedition, noted that many plants are quite similar to those that met them before.

In addition, researchers have found wood kangaroos, endangered species and the golden tree kangaroos, are considered the most beautiful and rare marsupials.

Expert on birds of paradise Beehler said: "The amazing thing was the lack of fear in animals. In the wild, all species tend to hide from people, but it is a learned behavior, the result of meetings with the man. In Foja they seemed not at all opposed to our presence.

As for Russia, then our vast expanses of uncharted territory there too. Many unsolved mysteries store vast northern wetlands. If you believe the old residents of these remote places, this district is literally teeming with species unknown to science of living beings. Especially one can often hear stories about some volatile snake, dwelling as if in Tikhvin swamps.

To collect all available information about him cryptozoology spent a few years. During this time they managed to hold a total survey in the villages Tikhvin area and found that in the representation of local people "flying reptile" - dangerous, but perfectly normal animal, which they say the same way as, for example, bear or grouse.

"Do these snakes bizarre image - says member of the Russian Geographical Society Ilya Agapov. - The head, at least in males has a build-up, like a cockscomb. Their behavior is quite unusual: according to eyewitnesses, a miracle-snakes are able to make polupryzhki-polupolety: from the ground a few meters, and the trees on which these creatures willingly climb - on tens "

According to local residents, meeting with the "volatile Gad" could end very badly.It is this mysterious reptiles they attribute to the increasingly frequent cases of death under extremely strange circumstances. Residents of nearby villages suggest that the blame for everything - the bite "flying dragon", which casts the victim in the hot and crazy.

Materials: InoPressa, Izvestia.

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