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The Curse of the Iceman: Shaman militant revenge after the death of thousands of years later

November 8 2005

It is possible that the creators of Hollywood blockbuster "The Mummy" was not too far from the truth and the human body, even after his death remains a serious threat to and an overly inquisitive investigators.

In 1991, in the Alps on the border of Austria and Italy, a German tourist, Helmut Simon by chance found a mummy, "ice man", who died 5300 years ago. On the frozen body of a fur and leather shoes. The man, named Oetzi, also had a bow and arrows.

Discovered the body is remarkably well preserved and with it related to a detective intrigue. The fact that the clothes "ice man" left the bloodstains four people at the hands of which he is likely he died. At the time of the death of neolithic man was 42 years old, far more than the average life expectancy of his contemporaries. On the violent death of a fragment indicates an arrowhead found on radiographs. Some indirect evidence - such as tattoos complex shapes, and traces of blood on the clothing of several people - prompted the scientists to conclude that the victim was a shaman.

Moreover, if you believe the AiF and Italian researchers, which refers to the publication, the first things Oetzi analysis showed that they are - from different time periods, which in itself is sensational. For example, arrows 7000 years ago, the ax - the crucifixion of Christ, and the skin, which was wrapped "iceman", stripped to the goats, living then ... in China. Presumably, Oetzi might have been an ancient priest of an unknown to us of the cult, who had supernatural abilities, including the ability to travel back in time.

Possible, while still living on it had imposed a special spell. Such rituals have existed among the ancient Druids: the man received "dying spells" - a special mystical procedure that promised dire punishments to those who disturb the rest of his body in the future.

This has led some researchers believe that Oetzi still connected curse, which overtakes those who disturbed his rest.

One way or another, but from the moment when the "ice man" opened the world have already died a few people closely touched the remains of an ancient shaman.

The first in a series of deaths began to "pioneer" Oetzi - a tourist, Helmut Simon.

After winning the court, according to which to him for finding the mummies were supposed to pay 100 thousand dollars, Helmut in an absolutely clear day went on the very spot where lie the "ice man", unexpectedly fell in a snow storm and froze to death.

When his rescuers dug, Helmut was in the same pose as the "iceman".
Chapter rescuers Dieter Warnecke, found frozen tourist died of a heart attack after only an hour after Hellmuth was buried.

Dr. Rainer Henn, offers expertise in Oetzi was the third victim of a curse. He died in a car accident on his way to a scientific conference devoted to "ice man".

Then the curse caught up with, a professional climber Kurt Fritz. It was he who organized the delivery of the remains of an ancient shaman, a helicopter, and soon died in an avalanche in the area is well acquainted with him. However, other climbers, who were with him survived.

Two years later he died of a brain tumor Austrian journalist Rainer Hoelzl, who shot a documentary about the "Iceman."

img hspace = "10" src = "/ img/7163.jpeg" align = "left" border = "1" /> Sixth case - from multiple sclerosis died Konrad Spindler, head of the Innsbruck University team of scientists in Oetzi. Spindler was 66 years old, he knew about the curse of the mummy, but laughed at the rumors.

And now a new victim. In Australia, died under mysterious circumstances Dr. Tom Loy, who was 63 years old. Scientist engaged in research of DNA Oetzi.

At the moment, the mummy-killer found refuge in the archaeological museum of the Italian city of Bolzano, and the stream of visitors wishing to see Oetzi unabated.

The story of the curse of Oetzi compared with the curse of the mummy of Tutankhamen. In February 1923 in the Valley of the Pharaohs in Luxor, an ancient tomb was opened, which was discovered the mummified body of the young Pharaoh Tutankhamun and his posthumous gold mask. Some time after this historic opening of the head of the expedition, Lord Carnarvon died from the bite of mosquitoes, and his death was connected with an ancient curse. He was having a baby that has affected the bite, and then there was blood poisoning and pneumonia, and Lord Carnarvon died in terrible agony. According to witnesses, shortly before his death, his faithful dog forwarder was terrible howl and died for an unknown reason, simultaneously with the owner. After his death there were rumors about a curse of Tutankhamun, which fell on the head of the archeologists.

According to the records of archaeologist Howard Carter at the site were 25 other Europeans who participated in the expedition, and 11 people did not go inside. A scientist from the Australian Monash University Mark Nelson began exploring the lives of these people to figure out how to influence the fate of visiting the tomb of Tutankhamun. It was found that the average life expectancy of a "curse" forwarders was slightly shorter than the other participants of this remarkable journey. But there is nothing supernatural had happened to them, and they are dead for quite understandable reasons. In this regard, Mark Nelson suggested that there is no curse of Tutankhamun did not really exist.

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