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The history of the holiday on March 8 began in New York

March 8 2010

March 8, 1857 workers sewing and shoe factories of New York marched through the streets, protesting against low wages and poor working conditions. The women in the course of the "march of empty pans require 10-hour working day, bright and dry with office space, equal to men pay. Worked at the time, women 16 hours a day, receiving a pittance for their work, while men have worked for 10 hours.

After March 8, 1857 women first became members of unions. In 1908, the day women again took to the streets and demanded the prohibition of child labor, working conditions in factories and giving women the right to vote. The following year, the Socialist Party of America declared the last Sunday of February as National Women's Day.

In 1910, the famous German revolutionary Clara Zetkin, the International Women's Conference in the Danish capital Copenhagen, invited each year to celebrate International Women's Day March 8 - in memory of longtime New York events. And encouraged women in the world to join in the struggle for equality. Responding to this call, women in many countries in the struggle against poverty and for the right to work, respect for their dignity, for peace.

In 1911, this holiday was first celebrated in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. Then, over a million men and women took part in demonstrations. Every year the number of countries in which at some level there is this date, grew, and in 1975, 8 March has been proclaimed the United Nations as International Women's Day.

In our country the first International Women's Day was celebrated in 1913 in St. Petersburg. In the petition, addressed to the mayor declared the organization "... research on women's issues in the morning." The authorities have given permission, and March 2, 1913 in the building Kalashnikovskaya grain exchanges in the Poltava street gathered a half thousand people. The agenda included the issues of scientific readings: the right to vote for women, public provision of maternity on the high cost of living. The following year, in many European countries on March 8, or about this day, women have organized marches to protest against the war. From the first years of Soviet rule on March 8 was a public holiday, but since 1965 this day became a holiday.

March 8, 1887 has been patented telescopic fishing rod. Did this resident of the U.S. state of Connecticut Everett Horton. The first foldable tackle was made of metal. Bristol, where he lived Horton, was a very puritanical town and did not allow their residents no entertainment - including fishing.

To refuse the same from his hobby American was absolutely no intention - and came up with a fishing rod made of metal tubes that are inserted into one another, becoming, as a result, the usual inconspicuous stick, which could be transported through the city without fear.

March 1968 in the Pacific Ocean during a combat patrol sank the Soviet diesel submarine K-129, killing 96 sailors. Soviet diesel submarine K-129 Pacific Fleet, sank 350 miles north of the Hawaiian Islands at a depth of 5500 m during a combat patrol. There are currently three major versions of the tragedy - flooding through the mine PRD while charging the batteries due to technical malfunction of the valve, the explosion of hydrogen because of the broken ventilation systems and, finally, a collision with an American submarine.

The first - the official version of the command of the Soviet Navy, the second - has insisted the U.S. side. By Edition collision inclined, though unofficially, the Soviet naval experts who have had information that, shortly after the death of K-129 to the U.S. naval base at o.Okinava came submarine Suordfish ", which had the characteristic damage to the fence cutting. In any case, the Americans knew exactly the coordinates of the death of K-129, and in 1969 the sunken boat was discovered by the intelligence ship USS Mizar, and then studied in detail.

The submarine was lying almost on an even keel, retractable devices are omitted in the upper part of the third compartment, there was supposedly holed, exciting part of the cabin and missile silos. Based on this information to the CIA, it was decided to raise the K-129 in order to obtain samples of nuclear weapons, as well as encryption technology.

During the operation, "Project Jennifer" specially constructed for this purpose vessel "Glomar Explorer" was able to raise the nose of the K-129. According to U.S. data, in the hands of the United States got two torpedoes with nuclear warheads, Journal of routine maintenance with spetsboepripasami, cipher pads, and cryptographic engine. In damaged compartments found six dead sailors, which the Americans were buried in a sea of saluting all the necessary military honors.

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