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Elena Vrublevskaya, president of Tibet House in Moscow: about Richard Gyra, Robert Thurman, the Dalai Lama and the ways of comprehending the truth

February 8 2006

The capital's residents have become accustomed to nothing surprising. But in 2004, a two-week festival of "Tibet", held in the Gallery of Arts Zurab Tsereteli has caused a real stir.

Tibet has always attracted the attention of people with his unfathomable mystery, otherworldly wisdom and connection to the deep past. And then unprecedented happened. In Moscow from the Land of Snows came true Tibetan lamas, musicians, artisans, scholars of Tibetan astrology and medicine. Willing to talk with them was a fair amount.

But few know that such a celebration of the soul, is largely made possible through the efforts of Helen Wroblewski, delicate and charming woman, a journalist, a psychologist, the mistress of the famous art gallery and chairman of the Tibet House in Moscow.

Of course, Yoki could not ignore such a rare and interesting person. Helen received a warm welcome to our request for a meeting and what came of it, you can learn by reading the interview.

Elena, please tell me how come you, a successful journalist and a psychologist, turned to art?

My work in journalism has always been connected with the world culture. Over time, interest in psychology has focused my attention to the East. As we know, psychology is most closely associated with the oriental philosophy, worldview and spiritual practices. Furthermore, in terms of my communication is always included artists, drew inspiration from Buddhism, Bon, Hinduism, shamanism, and other Eastern traditions.

That is, the appearance of the gallery has become an extension of your personal interest?

Exactly. The first exhibition was organized in early 2000. This point can be considered as the creation of the gallery. Initially we just rented exhibition space, while working in a room at the Sukharev. Since January last year, we accept all comers in a room at the Christmas Boulevard.

Gallery from the outset focused on contemporary art, performances, installations and artifacts related to the cultural traditions of Tibet, Siberia and the Far East. We believe the selected gallery of interesting and promising direction because it provides an opportunity to explore the process of "reviving" the ancient traditions of East and Asia through the forms and methods of contemporary art.

I wonder what kind of show you the most?
My strongest impressions linked to the photo exhibition "Pilgrim" Richard Gere. In 2001 I first saw his work in New York gallery Miller. This 64 unique pictures taken Gere during his travels in Tibet.

Nothing is more emotionally strong, I had never met. After that I lit up the idea to bring this exhibition to Moscow Gere and show it to our audience. What we did at the festival, "Tibet" in 2004. I love this job, and part of the collection is now in my office.

Unsophisticated viewers think of Richard Gere's first Hollywood star, a kind of screen hero-lover, and which he lives?

Before meeting with Richard Gere, I had about him similar views.Actually - it's an amazing man of committed another space. I know little people who, having achieved a successful career and fame, so many gave to a charity. This is a passionate and noble man, devote their time solving urgent social problems. Buddhist and vegetarian, he is actively supporting Tibetan refugees in the struggle to preserve their rapidly disappearing culture.

He founded "Gere Foundation is engaged in philanthropic work, helping organizations and groups providing humanitarian assistance to victims of war and natural disasters, AIDS, fighting against human rights violations around the world.

In India I met a monk who, through the program, Richard Gere could use something like free health insurance policies and are treated now literally entire monasteries. When I told my Giru, he was very surprised. After all, action started many years ago and still works.

Richard Gere is generally very versatile and talented man. Before becoming an actor, he graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, plays on almost every musical instrument.

In addition, he is a courageous man. Go it alone in Tibet closed to foreigners - a decision that requires a certain mindset ...

Yes, of course. Probably, many remember the episode when, during the award "Oscar" Richard Gere Live encouraged to draw public attention to the Chinese occupied Tibet. This is a serious step, which could result in unpleasant consequences for him.

And how did you meet with a famous Tibetologists and father of the famous actress Robert Thurman?

History is almost mystical, thought-provoking about the karmic connections. Before his meeting with Professor Thurman, I read his book. He's most authoritative expert on Tibetan art. Because this area was close to me, I wrote to Robert Thurman a letter of invitation to come to Moscow with a course of lectures. I hoped that zavyazhetsya correspondence, which will take some time, maybe even a year, after which Thurman agree.

But it turned out that the distinguished professor responded to my letter a week later, and not in writing, and phone calls. It turned out that he is already in Moscow, at his disposal for half an hour, and he is ready to meet with me. As a result, these half-hour turned into four days of close contact. All this time we spent discussing possible projects and plans. So I got the offer to host the Tibet House in Moscow. Only needed the consent of His Holiness the Dalai Lama XIV, as Robert Thurman has promised to take care of.

These events took place in October 2003 before the action "Kalachakra - The Wheel of Time" in the CHA, in which we also participated.

Just a month later we visited the Dalai Lama, which was followed by a final decision on the establishment of the Tibet House in Moscow.

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