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Space cabinet of curiosities: who needs dwarf aliens?

February 8 2006

Mankind has long been concerned about aliens from outer space. Evidence of their visits, looking at past and present. Sometimes find ....

A resident of Norfolk Barney Broom discovered in the attic of his cottage to the bank with an amazing content. This happened when Bloom has been repairing his newly acquired villa. Found inside the container with an alcoholic solution was tridtsatisantimetrovaya imitation of alien beings on chetyrehpaloy leg of which was printed in a serial number.

The bank was wrapped in the Daily Mirror from 1947. How to remember the unknown researchers, this is the year the American air base in Roswell reported finding crashed flying saucer and immediately refuted this message

Briton suggests that the bank was part of the original advertising campaign for the movie "Roswell incident", filmed in the 60 years based on the episode with the discovery of alien ship by the U.S. military. The incident triggered a wave of enthusiasm for the UFO world. "Alien" from the banks is exactly like the newcomers, they were shown in the film.

However, ufologists, who investigated the mysterious bank does not exclude the possibility that imitation is a copy shot with this substance. The bank could not leave the attic military, many years ago lived in the cottage. The fact that 45 miles away Barney Broom is an American military base.

By the way, the mysterious little aliens have already appeared in the chronicle of the inexplicable world. A few years ago in the village near Chelyabinsk Kyshtym elderly woman found in a cemetery a little alien.

Having lived in her house a bit, eating the caramels and condensed milk, the poor stranger died and dried up.

It is unknown why Tamara Prosvirina decided to call this creature is Alexis pretty. But it is known that the creature was not a man: his body not found any sex organs. Did not have Alexis and navel.

Alexis's body was gray-green, "as the screen switched off the TV." His head, resembling an ancient Russian pointy hat, was as if composed of four petals. In the middle of the person held a small crease, almost separating the two huge eyes with cat-like vertical pupils. By the way, those eyes were not closed for centuries, and how would collapse inside the head. On the spot the creature's ears were tiny holes. Her mouth was a slit cut with two small teeth and obviously atrophied mandible. A my hands and legs were much more mobile than people, thanks to the special structure of the joints and long fingers ended in claws.

Alexis awoke in Tamara long-forgotten mother's feelings. She was sure that Alexis Pretty - a helpless baby, who had lost their parents.

Pensioner brought Alexis home - a standard five-storey apartment block and tried to feed it. Because, in understanding women's teeth, the boy has not grown, she ran to a neighbor for condensed milk. Finger dipped in condensed milk, gave lick. The boy liked it. During the time Alexis ate half a tin.

As remembered by neighbors and then landing on the next day Prosvirina announced that she has a son Alexis Pretty, whom she, as promised, when he learns to walk, write in his name. But then none of the tenants to not pay attention - you never know what can be dreamed insane woman?

img hspace = "10" src = "/ img/10326.jpeg" align = "right" border = "1" /> After a week pensioner became ill. Neighbors called out of town in an ambulance. Hospitalization Tamara did not resist, but asked only that the hospital took Alexis and well, which without it will be gone ... However, convolutions with Alexis left lying in the apartment. The remains of the deceased unattended stranger, unfortunately, failed to investigate in detail. They have got to random people and follow the Alexis lost. Many Russian ufologists believe the dried body of a humanoid already sold somewhere overseas.

On materials:, Guardian, Big City

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