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"Mysterious Ararat: Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End of Humanity

December 7 2005

Recently, linguists from around the world are trying to find proto humanity. Scientists from the Paris Research Association of Linguistics and Prehistoric Anthropology have analyzed the word "daddy" and put forward an interesting hypothesis: perhaps this is one of the first words that sounded when humanity is only learned to speak, and none of the current language did not exist.

Even before the Australian linguists, comparing many of the major languages of the world, found that humanity could be a proto-language, which they believe originated in Asia Minor, in modern Turkey.

A surprising discovery made Natalie Ter-Grigorian, a philologist from Argentina. She managed to isolate and compare the basic ethnonyms and words from different languages in the world, meaning, as she calls it, "heavenly language." Compare them prompted her to suggest that the language and the history of mankind take the origins of the place, who was close to Mount Ararat. Their research Natalia Ter-Grigorian describes in his work "Mysterious Ararat. The book was published in Argentina in Spanish in 2004.

I was fortunate to read this book, whose findings have confirmed many of my own conclusions drawn by the philological study of ancient texts relating to Mount Ararat, Noah's Ark and the first heroes of humanity. "Mysterious Ararat" has just been translated into Russian and, possibly, will be published in Russia.

Natalie Ter-Grigorian de Demjanjuk. Author of the book "Mysterious Ararat» ("Ararat enigmático"). In 1972 he graduated from Yerevan State University, majoring in philology. In 1985 he moved to Ukraine where she worked as senior research associate of the Central Scientific Library. Vernadsky, then at the University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and Institute of Culture of Ukraine. Has published three books and several articles. Since 1994, my husband and I moved to Argentina where he examines issues of moral theology.

What triggered the writing of the book "Mysterious Ararat"?

Theme emerged unexpectedly. My main interest and concerns dealt with Bible study and questions of faith, particularly Christian theology, so I'm interested in everything that relates to this area: the common origin of people, the true conception of man, the roots of a common moral law of life for all, etc. In this context, reflecting on the past and the future of humanity, I accidentally drew attention to the fact that life, according to the Bible, twice started from the same place - the mountains of Ararat.

They are known to be pestered and Noah's ark . Ararat is located geographically in the same territory as the biblical paradise. Careful consideration of indications of the biblical text reveals that it is a question of the limits of the so-called Ararat Plateau. From that moment everything went like a chain. Work has also a linguistic nature. I seemed to come into the river, which led me into the sea, almost without any effort on my part. All I have discovered confirms the validity of the biblical text, the unity of the Old and New Testaments.

To what genre you consider "Mysterious Ararat"?

Book of his I would characterize as a monument of morality, which underlies life - love for God and people. This applies to people who, just like people, have two faces. One - God, the eternal and the future that can only be seen through the eyes of love, and more - sinful, temporary, that they can see everything.Who can rise above the sinful person and see the grain in the near-divinity in another person or people, only one, and stands in the way of love and return to the lost world of us, in our Heavenly Father's house, which is the same for everyone.

You are repelled by the idea of proto-language of mankind? Or starting point was the something else?

I'm not repulsed by the idea of proto-language of mankind. But the question arose in the common language runtime. I went to him quite unexpectedly. I saw that all the ancient ethnonyms and words that mean, so to speak, heavenly language (ie, all concepts related to heaven and the creation of man, with a tall, beautiful, etc.) are based on the name of God. It is hidden under layers of different language, like a stone covered with moss and mildew, but a single, brilliant for cleaning. And I realized that, having made a detailed dictionary of the presence of this root in all its variations in the vocabulary of different languages and then compare them, we will face an amazing panoramic view of linguistic unity of the ancient man.

From my point of view of protolanguage, or the original language of mankind did not have a negative concept, it was entirely divine, it was dominated by peace, beauty, love. I see him like a shiny stone. This stone - the name of God, and the rays emanating from it, as the colors in a kaleidoscope - different words and concepts related to human life. Negative concepts are gradually coming into question a man after his fall, and especially after the Babel of the human mind.

The original language led you to the paradise Eden. Where it was geographically, in your opinion?

I think that Eden is not a concept of time, he is where he was. But the only way to it is closed due to the fact that we are cursed land of his arrogance. That the land on which it is located, is the prototype of our land, as well as all of us - just a shadow compared to the true man. Only from this point of view corresponds to the location of Eden in the Bible Ararat Plateau.

Do not touch you in the literature, which was used when working on a book with the name of the country Tilmun (Dilmun), mentioned in the ancient monuments of Mesopotamia? Scientists have for many years possessed it in Bahrain. But lately, this version has collapsed. If we compare the ancient texts, which mention the adventures of Gilgamesh, it turns out that this country is somewhere near Ararat. Maybe not in the same place where the Garden of Eden, but not so far away from him.

About Dilmun I read long ago and forgot about it because people's memories have a lot of "Dilmun", bearing different names, but means the same thing. All this, in my opinion, due to language change and otumanennoy people's memories. In short, in my opinion, Dilmun reflects the memory of Eden, and if someone ever even saw it among the ocean waters, then this happened and to Jerusalem, which showed the will of God to some people. To verify this, we should first determine its value, then make a thorough linguistic analysis of the word, highlight it in the root, and then determine the origin of the sound D: not if he goes back to the fricative th, ph, h, because if the dates , then "dil", meaning in the dictionary "dawn" has heavenly hue. In this case, "il" may reflect the name of God (il-u in Sumerian). But this is only a guess. Argue, as I do in the book, here I can not, because I need to explore more deeply. It is clear that a vast set of words. I just pointed the way search and the general principle of word formation and inflection, which is the same for all people, because all people have the same organs of articulation.

venom from Ararat is another interesting place - Nakhichevan. Many carry the name as "the country in November", "Parking in November," a brief parking in November. " Root "tries", as seen from the translation refers to the name of Noah, who in a different language sounds like "nuh", "Noh", "Nah." How can you translate the name of Nakhichevan?

Word of Nakhichevan - Armenian, consists of three roots: "tries" - which means "old, original, early," "ICH" - which means "go" (a derivation of the same root as "Ech" in the word Echmiadzin ) "gospel" or "avant" or simply "van" - all this means "a place, town, village" (cf. Ep-gospel or Riyadh, John). In general, the word of Nakhichevan is translated as "place of the original Descent."

Ararat for many associated with the Flood and Noah's ark. The legend of this historic event is recorded in more than 200 nations make peace. And these people are scattered across continents and, as is commonly believed, had no direct contact with each other. How often do you meet the story of Noah and the Flood in the literary monuments of the peoples of the world?

Quite often. This Ksisufr Chaldean and Sumerian, Akkadian Utnapishtim, and the Greek Deucalion, and many others. Another interesting myth about a flood of South American people, the Guarani, I have cited in the book.

Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End of: these concepts are inextricably you associate with Ararat in the linguistic level. Are you aware of the legends, or other sources that will follow after the discovery of Noah's Ark?

Not only linguistic, but also on the Biblical level. That will be followed after the finding of Noah's Ark , heard something. But do not attach any importance to this. The reason is not Noah's Ark, and that man himself would bring a catastrophe to their immorality. However, nothing new in it will not, for mankind has long been familiar with death in all its forms. I think that we should think more about what will happen to us after death. As for the Noah's Ark, they just scare people, that for some unknown reasons, did not prevent him from serious consideration. Is not it strange that every city historical dig, explore, and that is associated with Mount Ararat and Noah's Ark, the presence or absence of which is so easy to check, for some reason is still under secret taboo?

Where, in your view, is Noah's Ark, if you believe in his physical existence?

I do not doubt the truth of the biblical text, so be sure that he is, or was in the mountains of Ararat.

In search of Noah's Ark (pictures)

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Константин Дятлов

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diwtsar 31.01.2010 | воскресенье ответить


Решил обратиться ко всем, ибо многие обсуждаемые вопросы имеют ответы, хотя и неожиданные. Это стало возможным благодаря методике декодировки слов во всех языках с помощью живого и ныне диалекта данного Свыше арийского праязыка человечества. Самое главное - доказательство субъективной реальности… Господа Бога! И это - не вопрос веры, а знания и наличия разума.

Обращаюсь ко всем людям доброй воли! Сокрытая правда о прошлом - знание тайн настоящего и возможность спастись в будущем! И это в наших силах - если захотим! Сделано открытие, способное повлиять на судьбу цивилизации, меняющее мировоззрение и навязанные представления о мире - доказуемые факты о реальном прошлом, тайнах настоящего и угрозах будущего. Об этом прочтете в статье “Код разума” в журнале "Горцарар" и на его информационном сайте (, что лишь часть пока известно об изнанке происходящего. Апокалипсис уже идет - если знать, что это значит, как и море иной информации. Новая Эра - Новый Мир: эта техногенная цивилизация обречена, а человечество или станет более человечным и духовным, или его не станет вообще. Вопрос: кто спасется и что сумеем сохранить из достижений цивилизации?

Об этом также на сайте на форуме в разделе “Разные мнения " - “Сенсационное открытие - правда о происходящем в мире”.

Важно мнение всех, поэтому готов обсудить тему здесь или где и с кем угодно.

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