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Mobile phone prolongs life, does not grow fat and pregnant ... and other recent developments

September 7 2005

Chris Hogg (Chris Hogg), director of marketing at Intel: "People are increasingly making technology part of the DNA of their lives."

Mobile phone prolongs life

Telemedicine is growing rapidly and currently very successful in controlling heart disease. Latest mobile phones can record electrocardiograms and transmit them at a distance.

At the Congress of the European Society of Cardiology in Stockholm, telemedicine has become a hot topic for discussion. Nemec, Stefan Sack of Essen University presented a new invention - kardiomobilny phone with two buttons: one - for emergencies, the second - for the transfer of ECG (electrocardiography).

When the patient feels the approach of a heart attack, he presses the first button and is connected to the medical center. Specialist receives from the patient's story about the symptoms, and ECG in real time, which removes the cell phone with four electrodes attached to the body.

Thus, the physician can read the symptoms of preinfarction state or arrhythmia and to call emergency services if necessary. Satellite-based mobile phone provides information on the whereabouts of the caller.

This allows the patient to get help more quickly, at a distance to change drug therapy.

In Italy, Telecom plans to study similar systems to help make the diagnosis in real time in patients at risk for cardiovascular disease and to monitor the status of patients after a heart attack.

A team of Italian, British and Polish scientists presented in Stockholm study on the possibility of a distance to observe patients with heart failure. If the heart is unable to pump the right amount of blood, there is a risk of arrhythmia, often fatal - that's why the sick are continuously active surveillance.

Mobile phones do not give the hostess getting fat and pregnant

Samsung has released to the British market for mobile phones specifically for girls, which ensures that its owner does not stouter and, most importantly, not pregnant!

Your phone includes a "calculator", whose task is to count calories and sensor pregnancy.
Addressing the phone to the limit is simple - the girl should be made in his memory, his weight and height.
In the UK, such "smart" telefonchik costs 200 pounds (~ $ 360).

Phone Samsung E530 has appeared in Russia. On the personal page of Russian phone Samsung has placed a warning - "entry only for girls!".

Using a mobile phone to make purchases at advantageous prices

In Finland, you can choose the products at the best price, determine the number of calories and just pay for your purchase. All this allows you to make a new patented invention of the Finnish Technical Research Centre.

According to Professor Kai Sedergorda, the research center has developed a special program for mobile phones with built-in camera or video camera that can read bar codes on goods. Thus, a buyer using a mobile phone in a matter of seconds can get complete information about the composition of the product and its energy value, compare prices in different shops and the quality of products from different manufacturers, and pay for the goods.

dinstvennaya problem of the new invention is that it requires the use of mobile phones with built-in camera, minicomputer and Internet access. While such phones in Finland, only 15%, however, experts predict by 2007, such phones will be up to 80%.

In 2008, on the phone could be speaking in silence ...

Agency for Research at the Department of Defense - DARPA - is working on a project, dubbed the "Advanced decoding of speech." Essentially, the project is to replace the standard microphones neakusticheskimi sensors that can perceive it to nerve impulses and muscle movement the speaker, not the sounds.

The system is based on the sensor, which is worn around the neck and is called "Custom electric resonator collar» (TERC). The collar is very sensitive to the slightest vibration of the vocal cords. Thus, he will "voice", in fact, still soundless speech.

DARPA is also continuing studies in the laboratory of NASA. They consist in imposing on the neck of the electrodes (electromyography sensors) that are capable of distinguishing subvokalnuyu and even soundless speech.

These sensors were originally designed for soldiers who do not have the opportunity to hear what was said or to distinguish between teams in a battle of the noise of machinery and explosions of shells, as well as for divers working at great depths. But not far the day when all civilized mankind can enjoy the fruits of military developments. According to the developers it could happen by 2008.

On materials The Sun, The Nature, PNAS.

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According to a recent study by British scientists cellular phone does not pose a threat to health and does not cause cancer. Continued here .

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