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Ancient divination a Christmas Eve - January 6, 2006

January 6 2006

Guess not only on New Year's Eve, the best time for predictions - Christmas time - two weeks of winter holidays with a Christmas Eve (January 6) to Epiphany (January 19).

Since ancient times people have sought to learn their future on Christmas Eve, and wondered kolyadovali. Slavs pagan at that time accounted for sunny holiday - "Midsummer, when the beliefs of the sun turns to summer and winter in the cold. Slavs believed that the sun dresses on sunny sundress, Kokoshnik, sits in a cart and rides in warmer climes.

After this winter lyutuet, but its end is not far off, so be glad and rejoice for the coming of spring. Winter came "Karachun" said the ancient. "Karachun" Slavs - an evil spirit that kills life.

Christmas Eve was also fortunate to every prediction yet, because our ancestors believed that with the addition of light coming souls of the dead and evil spirits walk from Christmas to Epiphany.

Invisible presence of spirits among the living, according to popular belief, gave a glimpse into the future, which explains why so many ways the Christmas divination.

And here's the most interesting of them:

Divination by thread

Girls cut the thread of the same length and also set fire to them. Who will burn down fast train, that the first girl to marry. If the train went out once or less than half burned, forever "on the shelf to go," says praprababushki.

Divination (with a ring or needle), the sex of the child
The ring is immersed in a glass of water, a needle pierced the woolen fabric. Then hung in the balance ring slowly lowered his hands around on who are wondering. If the ring or needle will make a circular motion - a girl, if the motion like a pendulum - a boy. If the subject is not moving - the children will not.

Guessing on the "quality" of life and the groom

In the boots put different objects, and the girls take turns to pull one of them who got what. Sugar - the sweet life, a ring - marriage, onion - to tears, a shot - wild life, a gold ring - a rich life, a rag - a husband-poor, a handkerchief, handsome husband, a coin - rich, etc.

Divination with a cock

In the bowl of poured grains (or put the money) to another - poured into the water, put the next mirror. Rooster went to the mirror - her future husband will be a womanizer and gulena; peck of grain - a rich man, drank glands - a drunkard.

Guessing on matches

On each side of a matchbox and put in two matches off and guessing the guy. If the burnt heads will face each other, means "zagadanny" well done and the girl will be together.

Guessing from the evocation of a dream about her spouse

Write the name of the boy on a piece of paper, kiss lipstick is a word (to left trace). A piece of paper with the name together with a mirror placed under the pillow.

To sleep on the contraction (from Monday to Tuesday)

Take three bay leaves. They write the following names: one - "Ananias", on the other - "Azary" and the third - "Mishael". Then the spell: "From Monday to Tuesday, I was looking at the window sill, who dreams about me, let me dream a dream."

Adana in spruce

Guess on the night of Monday to Tuesday. Take a sprig of fir, put a pillow at night. At the same time say: "I go to bed on Monday, put a pillow fir, I dreamed of someone who thinks of me."

Guessing from Thursday to Friday

Guess on the night of Thursday to Friday. Going to bed, saying: "Thursday with the media Tuesday, with Monday and Sunday with Saturday. A Friday and I, young one. I lie on the mountains of Zion, three angels on the head: one sees, the other will say, the third specifies the fate ".

Guessing on the brownie

Stoke wax in a mug, pour the milk into a saucer and set the threshold of an apartment or house. Pronounce the following words: "Brownie, my master, come under the threshold to drink milk, eat the wax." With the last words poured into the milk melted wax. And then watching closely what happens. If you see a frozen cross - to illnesses and funerals, a flower - love, marriage, beast - the foe, etc.

If the wax flows stripes are coming road crossings, and the stars will fall - wait for success at work, at school. If the image of a human figure - a friend.

Divination by kings

Before going to bed put a pillow under four kings and say: "Who is my betrothed, who is my disguised, he had a dream my dream." If the dream king of spades - the groom will be old and jealous, the king of hearts means young and wealthy, crusading - expect the matchmakers of the military or a businessman, and diamonds - to be desired.

Guessing on the bulbs

Girls take a few bulbs and mark each of them. These bulbs are planted in the earth: whose past will sprout, the girl and get married earlier than others.

Guessing on the ring

Throw a ring on the floor. If it rolls to the door, then the girl will soon marry a man - a business trip. Can be interpreted as leaving the house.

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