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For that of Count Leo Tolstoy was excommunicated from the Orthodox Church?

March 5 2010

March 5, 1994 was made an unusual Guinness world record - a travel speed hounds. The highest checked in speed: 366m of 19.57 sec, or 67.32 kilometers per hour - showed a dog named Star Title The on straight line segment in Wyoming New South Wales, Australia. Ran the same from a mechanical dog "hare."

March 5, 1901 was declared excommunication from the Russian Orthodox Church of Count Leo Tolstoy - the famous writer. The decision was taken by the Holy Synod on 15 February and caused a heated debate in society.

The decision stated: "The famous writer of the world, Russian-born Orthodox by baptism and upbringing of his, Count Tolstoy, in deceive proud of their mind, boldly revolted against the Lord and His Christ and his holy treasures, apparently the sight of all denied the suckled his mother, the Orthodox Church, and devoted his literary career and given him a talent from God to spread the teachings of the people, against Christ and the Church ... "

March 5, 1953 died on the "father of nations" - Joseph Stalin. On the last night of winter 1953rd, Stalin, as usual, caused to the country close - Beria, Malenkov, Khrushchev, Bulganin. Relaxed, easy drinking wine "Mdzhari. At 4 am departed, then Beria "stuck" after seeing the guests, handed the protection of Stalin's words: "Well, boys, go-ka you all to sleep. I need nothing. And I'm going too. You will not need me today. " Guards, and wonder, went to bed the next day its employees until ten at night sat in his guardhouse, not daring to enter the house. Only when they brought mail - a package from the Central Committee, the guards overpowered the fear came in and on the verge of a small room on the floor, saw the body of Stalin. He was still alive, moving his hand, but could not speak.

Leader struck a powerful stroke with bleeding into the brain. The guards lifted up from the floor of the Soviet leader's body and shifting it to the couch, began to ring in the Politburo and the KGB, and finally get called up to Malenkov.   At three o'clock in the morning on March 2 came Beria and Malenkov. Beria said, a strange phrase: "Comrade Stalin is asleep, there is no need to bother him" - then both left, leaving the "leader of the peoples" in the care of the helpless guards and housekeeper. Staff understand - when Stalin died in their arms, they nesdobrovat, and they start nazvanivat all authorities, demanding that the doctors arrived. In a quarter of the ninth morning the doctors came. And with them the apparatus for artificial respiration, X-ray machine, leeches ... All that will remain untapped. Doctors were powerless.

By the deathbed summoned his daughter Svetlana and her son Basil. Following them to the country - every day, both on duty - began arriving members of the Politburo. March 5 began a long, painful agony. At 21:50 Stalin suddenly opened his eyes for a moment and raised his left hand. All present were shocked by the unspeakable horror of this sight and this gesture. First came to Beria. Making sure that Stalin was dead, he immediately went to the Kremlin.

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