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In the struggle for the survival of man helps parasites, gloves, beer, and love

December 3 2005

Humanity's quest to survive, not shrinking nor by what means. Why, then, is not to conclude a truce with the eternal enemies of the human race with parasites. While some Homo Sapiens are the different tricks to get rid of the worms, others recommend them as a drug.

How do I find employees of the University of Dublin, the larvae of the worms contain substances that are indispensable in the treatment of acute diseases of inflammatory nature. This is the secret released by schistosome larvae Manson (Schistosoma mansoni) - a parasite that invades the blood vessels of the abdominal cavity of man and apes.

According to project leader Dr. Patrick Fallon, schistosome infection increases the resistance of the human body to disease of allergic nature. At the same time he parasite poses a serious threat to health and even life of an infected person, making it impossible to deliberate contamination of schistosome suffering from inflammatory diseases of the patients.

But Dr. Fallon did not despair and believe that future researchers can identify the secret of anti-schistosome Manson in pure form and use been formed over millions of years of human evolution and parasites of the biological mechanism for medical purposes.

Meanwhile a winter cold. Experts from the German magazine Oko-Test, too preoccupied with human survival in harsh climatic conditions, have come to the conclusion that instead of leather gloves is better to buy wool. They were tested twenty manufacturers. It was found that the majority of dyes tested products contain banned substances, including traces of harmful chemicals used in the leather industry. According to the publication does not protect against exposure to hazardous substances and lining leather gloves. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to the label, which implies that the product is tested for harmful substances. In addition, it makes sense to trust your own nose and not to purchase gloves with a strong "odor of chemicals."

Special developments for the survival of beer lovers engaged Marcel Benard from Brittany. Even if the overnight on the planet will disappear all the beer, he will teach pivomanov make beer from the yogurt.

Created by Marcel beer l "Activelle (" Laktivel ") is 75% composed of milk and kefir starter. In addition, as befits the beer, and its production is used malt. Alcohol content in an experimental beer is small - just 2 degrees.

Processes occurring during zabrazhivanii and vystaivanii "kefir beer, unusual for spirits. Fermentation is provided at the same time as the expense of maltose - sugar contained in malt, and due to the splitting of lactose milk. The resulting lactic acid and a variety of flavors, are actively involved in creating an original and pleasant taste of beer.

Lactic acid also plays an important role in the aging of beer. At this stage the milk protein is converted into amino acids and peptides, that is, there are processes similar to cheese production.

Result of a combination of cheese and beer in one bottle is obtained very good. A number of restaurants, supermarkets and specialty food stores are already interested in "kefir beer." True, its production is still in the artisanal level. During the entire production cycle, including spill per day to 300 bottles of beer, watching only one employee.

talyanskie scientists from the University of Pavia achieve survival of romantic feelings in people. They discovered the protein responsible for the flames of first love. Its high content of a feeling of euphoria and attachment associated with a feeling of love.

However, having studied couples who were both long and short-term relationships and single people, the researchers found that over time the content of this protein is reduced.

Protein level of 58 persons who have recently begun a personal relationship, compared with the data of the same number of people who have personal relationships have long existed, as well as indicators of single people.

Those who fell in love recently, the level of protein, called factor in the growth of neurons (NGF), was significantly higher. Of the 39 people who have kept personal feelings, a year later NGF protein levels dropped to normal values.

These data do not mean the end of love, just a feeling this is not a sharp.
Dr. Lance Workman, head of the department of psychology at Bath University, UK, said: "Research suggests that romantic love, passion eventually turns into love, friendship, and in this process play the role of certain biological factors."

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