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Ecumenical news: Mars came as close to Earth and the sun cracks

November 3 2005

An international team of scientists, astronomers led by researchers from the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shen Chzhitsina was the first concrete evidence of the center of our galaxy, superdense black hole.

The existence of this facility has been proved theoretically German physicists, astronomers a few years ago on the basis of the "strange" behavior of a space object of Sagittarius A * at the center of the Milky Way. Astronomers from China and the U.S. spent on the practical proof of this hypothesis, 8 years, collecting a vast array of data about its behavior, and fixing his radio emission.

According to experts, the diameter superdense black hole at the center of our galaxy is about 150 million km, and its mass is at least 4 million times the mass of the Sun. It lies about 26 thousand light years from Earth.

Astronomers from the U.S. space agency NASA, too, do not receive salaries for nothing. They found the light of the first stars that occurred more than 13 billion years ago, shortly after the onset of the universe itself. These stars are too far away, so they can be seen. However, they are likely to be huge, each the size of more than 100 times the Sun

In addition, scientists who used to work the Hubble Space Telescope, discovered two natural satellites of the planet Pluto. Of both bodies is based on five times less light than Pluto. The diameter of satellites - 32 and 70 kilometers, so a long time, astronomers did not notice them.

Until now it was thought that Pluto is only one moon - Charon, whose diameter - 1,2 thousand kilometers. It was discovered in 1978. In contrast to the recently discovered bodies, the orbit of Charon is much closer to the surface of Pluto.

But the most sensational discovery by American researchers of space saved up for dessert

October 27 solar disk crossed a giant "crack", recorded astronomical instruments. However, despite the apocalyptic view, actually crack it is not. The objects of this kind, on modern scientific ideas are called fibers or filaments, and represent a huge prominences, projected on the solar disk.

When looking at the fibers on top, it looks black because of the relatively low temperature gas in it against the backdrop of a hot photosphere. If we see it "in profile, against the backdrop of outer space, it looks like a giant blazing loop. These are called prominences, and they represent an exciting spectacle.

The appearance of a giant "crack" refers to the fact that abnormally high solar activity and increased sharply in recent years, does not abate. On facing the earth surface of the sun re-emerged active regions, clearly visible in the last photographs taken of space observatory SOHO.

The nature of the strange processes taking place in the sun, is still unclear, but their impact on the natural occurring on Earth, biological and even social processes is becoming increasingly evident. Of the Sun are capable at any time to present to humanity a nasty surprise.

img alt = "Mars" hspace = "10" src = "/ img/6967.jpeg" align = "right" border = "1" /> Astronomy enthusiasts, surely many will appreciate the fact that last week, Mars came to our the planet as close - 69.5 million miles. Looking at the sky, you could see the sky red and orange dots, much larger than the surrounding stars. And a strong pair of binoculars - even discern some features of the terrain. Mars will be visible very well in the next two weeks - November 7, will the great opposition, when the planet and Earth line up in line with the Sun.

Adapted from: ITAR-TASS, BBC, Interfax ,, «KP

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