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July 3 2005

Exactly one year later, 20 July 2006, the global warming of the Earth go around.

The top of the highest African mountain Kilimanjaro, which was almost completely exposed because of the global melting of glaciers, once again covered with layers of snow multimeter. Sea level, which is already ready to leave their banks and flood Venice, St. Petersburg and Copenhagen, will go down to 5-6 meters. Sales of air conditioners fall, daylight hours will increase by 0.11 seconds, and 35 percent of forecasters think about switching jobs or, at worst, suicidal. Consequences of events that will occur July 20, 2006, be felt by all the inhabitants of the earth. Because this is the date scheduled day of the world jump (World Jump Day), which should radically change the course of world history and development of civilization. And who is not hidden - I'm not guilty.

In June 2004, a group of researchers headed by Professor of Geophysics Nizvardom Hans Peter (Hans Peter Niesward) from the Munich Institute of ISA has published the results of their long-term studies. Nizvard professor and his colleagues have long studied the effects of external influences on the physics of orbital processes of the Earth. Thanks to an experienced observations, they concluded that to solve the problem of global warming can be offset by the Earth's orbit to the new coordinates. According to calculations by scientists from the Institute of ISA, in order to change the Earth's orbit, enough to make impact (momentum) at a certain point (region) of the northern hemisphere of the planet at the right time.

Relying on the testimony of the satellite "Source", launched by NASA to collect information on the effect of solar radiation on the Earth's climate, and the measurement results nd powerful Japanese supercomputer Earth Simulator, which was created specifically to calculate the speed and consequences of global warming, Professor Nizvard compute the best date when our planet will be ready to move into a new orbit - July 20, 2006. Momentum necessary force, according to theoretical calculations of the scientist may get while jumping six million people in certain areas of the planet. Nizvarda hypothesis confirmed by the testimony of seismographs recorded fluctuations in the Earth's crust during the World Cup in 2002, when England captain David Beckham scored the decisive goal against Germany, forcing both startled fans across the globe.

The theory would have stayed a theory, if she is not interested in a group of enthusiasts from the United States, decided by all means to implement the project. Activists have created a website ( ), published on its findings Nizvarda and began to recruit supporters. Rules for participation in the project, which will stop global warming, increase the length of daylight and make the planet's climate more homogeneous, simple. Need to find a flat surface (such as asphalt or concreted area, says the site) and exactly 11 hours 39 minutes and 13 seconds GMT (14:39:13 Moscow time) on July 20, 2006 that have the power to jump.

The idea of simultaneous jumps found on the web great response - many even filled with enthusiasm and ready to paste up on the streets of his hometown advertising stickers shares that can be purchased on site along with the original T-shirt. Join the action is easy - just leave the site your e-mail, and one day before the rally started all inscribed reminded of this. And recall to date have been very many: today its participation in the project already have 189,535,000 people.Jump to mainly Western Hemisphere, East project covers Western and Central Europe (ie Russia was not invited back). Organizers of the large-scale flash mobs are confident that the impact of biomass reasonable enough to slightly change the orbit of the Earth and push it from the sun.

A closer view draft World Jumping Day does not hold water. Quite quickly, you may find that the professors Nizvarda not exist in nature, everything that was written earlier in this text - not true, but the collective effort of 600 million people in power do not exceed two percent of the energy which is released in the explosion of the middle of the hydrogen bomb. Physicists believe: WJD campaign to nothing lead, spontaneous terraforming not take place. Most likely, the way it is. But how is curious to see how many people will come out July 20, 2006, will firmer and smooth surface in 11 hours 39 minutes 13 seconds of Greenwich Mean Time will jump up and yes!

Oleg Artyukov

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