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Global warming and permafrost: wake up if a deadly virus?

February 3 2006

Mankind destroys an unknown virus. Many familiar with this popular fantasy story. Today, such apocalyptic forecasts are very close to reality.

From epidemics in the world killed more people than all wars combined. Plague of the VI century up to now claimed the lives of 300 million people. Epidemic of "Spanish flu of 1918 killed 50 million people. In XX century, epidemic typhus, cholera and smallpox killed a total of 30% of the population of the planet. At the beginning of the third millennium, mankind is threatened not less terrible diseases: hepatitis and AIDS. Today, these viruses infected tens of millions of people.

But even more dangerous avian influenza virus. At the end of the twentieth century he had killed two million birds. Scientists project that the bird flu virus could mutate into a human. And then the epidemic will kill 70% of the life of the world's population.

Viruses survive in the airless space, deceive defenses of any living organism is not killed in the permafrost ...

U.S. scientists have found that the "Spanish flu" of 1918, previously considered simply the flu, is a real bird flu. Confirm this experimentally was removed from tissues, died during an outbreak of "Spanish flu" of people whose bodies were stored in Arctic permafrost.

Reservoir for the virus mutation of bird flu may be the body of pigs. Here he takes on new qualities and may become dangerous to humans. Not everyone believes in "pork" version, but, according to one of the most respected in the world of virologists in Hong Kong Lo Wing Lok: "Even a random variation of the virus, which is impossible to predict, may lead to a global epidemic with devastating consequences."

Of particular interest is just the permafrost. The most audacious scientists believe that Antarctica - the remnants of Atlantis, who died in a shift of the earth's crust, after which the legendary continent situated in the Mediterranean region, was on the pole.

- In the course of drilling at a depth of 3.5 kilometers of our explorers have discovered an underground, or rather, subglacial lake with warm water. Him and called: "Lake Vostok. While scientists for a riddle, where did the warm water in the Antarctic lakes, and even at that depth - continues to Roman Ya. - From thought to take water samples to study the bioorganic and biochemical nature of the lake, the researchers had to be abandoned: unknown, some microorganisms can inadvertently set free. This may be completely unknown to man life forms.

And suddenly, in a confined space Arctic glaciers survived the deadly bacteria and viruses that caused pandemics in humans and animals millions of years ago? Incidentally, no one even the most skeptical scientists have not been able to conclusively refute the hypothesis of the existence of civilization on Earth, who died before the advent of humanity. Who knows, what its representatives have died?

In 1999 an event occurred which drew attention to the only experts. Research expedition in Antarctica found a virus to which humans and animals have no immunity. According to scientists, if we consider that the earth faces global warming, an unknown infection can become a terrible disaster for mankind.

kspert from New York University Tom Starmer shared dire predictions of his colleagues: "We do not know with which mankind will face in the South Pole in the near future due to global warming - he said - perhaps begin an unprecedented epidemic. Protected protein coat of the virus in the permafrost of preserving its viability, will multiply as soon as they increase the temperature of the environment ... "

It is unclear where it came from contagion in Antarctica, although there are several theories on this.

Most scholars attribute it to that in the permafrost could be preserved prehistoric life forms. But there are other versions. Some experts blame everything on the first persons of the Third Reich, who allegedly ordered bring to Antarctica secretly developed biological weapons.

Another theory of origin of the deadly virus is extraterrestrial in nature. Perhaps a virus brought to Earth some meteorite, perhaps even by satellite of Jupiter - the planet Europe.

All the more so recently, scientists drew parallels between the subglacial environment on Jupiter's moon, which may contain unknown to scientists microbial life forms and the one that exists under chetyrehkilometrovoy thick ice almost at the heart of Antarctica.

In the preparation of partially used materials: TNT, the Russian newspaper, Evening Novosibirsk,

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