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SCAM: How not to fall for the bait. Safety regulations

June 2 2005

Fraud - one of the most ancient human activities, which are still widely prevalent. Moreover, criminals are not out of time. There were subtle kinds of banking, commercial and computer fraud. It is a living element, constantly changing and adapting to new conditions.

However, the old and proven methods of criminals, too, do not forget. And blame ourselves, the swindlers our naivety, gullibility and greed. In this case, the punishment rarely finds a rogue. After all, the victim willingly gave him the property or enters into an illegal transaction. Expose the offender can only be caught at his arm.

Therefore, the fraudsters feel quite calm . Today, there are neither more nor less than about fifty fraudulent majors. To protect themselves from their proclivities, you must know the enemy "in the face."

Rounders - a rogues aerobatics, who are committed to that, beat people at the casino and the underground gambling houses. Lower class are gamblers, beat unsuspecting citizens on the streets, squares, parks and beaches.

Tricksters often work in groups. Prior to each member of this team is its own task. One involves a sacrifice in the game, the other controls the process, a third monitors the security. With such an audience no less closely related to the criminal figures: usurers and speculators. They are committed to give money to the debt, buying debts "at interest".

Another variety of cheats - thimblerigger and lotereyschiki. With them you may have encountered. Their favorite place noisy and crowded squares, streets and other public places.

In addition, there are "puppet", "Grifters," which masterfully deceiving civilians podmenivaya their honestly earned money, cut out of paper "doll."

One popular way to pull money out of the ordinary person in practice as follows. A man finds a wallet on the street, looking into it and finds it is nothing but emptiness. At this moment it suits a group of citizens concerned, and that he must give a certain amount of money that supposedly was in the purse. Naturally, the villains are often "further squeezed" the client and get what they want.

About points of currency exchange can often be found "lomschikov" experts on the illegal production of currency from citizens with "dolls". Also in their area of interest big deal when making the sale, such as the purchase of apartments, cars, and avoiding the law.

Among a variety of fraudulent "trades" - selling jewelry from precious metals forged, falsified rail and lottery tickets and left antiques. There are con artists masquerading as government officials, social care agencies, vendors, salespeople. In the subway tunnels begging lzheinvalidy and get respectable income from it.

How to avoid becoming a victim of fraud:

- When planning to purchase expensive items and goods, give up the services of unknown people. Use your brand shops or special agencies.

- If you decide to buy or sell any valuable object such as a car, do not commit the transaction alone.If it did you decide to buy something from a stranger, in any case do not pass him the money in advance.

- Transactions related to the acquisition of property assured by a notary. There have been instances where fraudsters sold already pre-sold the apartment, using a copy of the documents.

- Do not play games of chance on the street. Ignore the "thimblerigger and lotereyschikov. And all importunate sorcerers and soothsayers sent by a known address.

- Do not just lift up the discarded purses, parcels with money and handbags. Before you can instantly be "boss", and even some "masters". It is unknown what it will end.

- If you still buy something with it, do not let the seller to count money or take the number of bills again if they had visited in his hands. Carefully treated to obtain specified amounts previously packed in a convolution, it can be a "doll".

- Distrust of the promises of big winnings , eye-popping salaries, a miraculous cure for all diseases, etc. Be especially careful with offers to send a small amount to cover postage and clerical expenses.

- Currency exchange only at specialized centers or banks.

- Do not gamble postal games are organized on the principle of the pyramid. In a prize will still be only the first one hundred players.

- If you decide to give someone help, still check the documents. Unfortunately, many divorced scams speculating good feelings citizens. They use fake certificates, speculating on the health of children, coming up with sick relatives and the lure, so the money.

- Do not let the house of representatives of various "authorities", "social organs", "postman". You simply can rob or steal.

With crooks figured out. And how to confront bullies ?

Константин Дятлов

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