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Scientists no longer doubt: the Earth - a living organism

March 2 2006

Have we, what is happening in the moment out of our hands somewhere on the lawn flying butt (a plastic bottle from under the water, pack of crisps, etc.) ...

Or when we arrange the monstrous slaughter of spawning fish "noble varieties" for the sake of immediate benefit ...

Or when the thrust like a dagger, metallic sting of borax in the body of the Earth in order to swing a little more oil ...

Or organize a small victorious war with the same point bombing. Options "or" there may be many. Outcome one - we kill it, so live.

We - this is humanity. Our favorite word - "Give." Our happiness - is unwise consumption. We are people without a past, because you have forgotten the wisdom of ancestors, and quite possibly without a future. We have forgotten how to live in harmony with the environment and that the worst of themselves. Otherwise, "or" would have been much less space in our world.

Earth - the only thing that we have a truly valuable. And endlessly endure over an experiment it will not, because it is alive. Scientists have found evidence of this. Recent studies by NASA indicate that the Earth is spreading in breadth. The shape of the Earth is changing, continents and scatter over each other , the eternal concern of entrails pulled out volcanic eruptions and earthquakes .

Melting of ice at the poles leads to the effect of elastic recoil in the mantle. Ice ages, global warming - and the mantle, a thick layer of molten rock between the core and the crust, reacts like a sponge ball that has been compressed in the palm and restore the form. But in recent years, the earth suddenly began to swell - she is growing "belly" like suffering a metabolic disorder patient. Phenomenon recorded ultra-precise lasers that track the satellites in orbit. None of the processes occurring on the surface, such as rising sea levels, to such effects may not lead. Earth's radius increases by about 1 millimeter per year, rising sea levels. Illustrative figure: Lake Baikal annually Spreads its banks by 2 centimeters.

With swollen "belly" of the planet increasingly difficult to rotate around the sun. With each passing day century lengthened by 0.0023 seconds. As a result, Earth has been steadily moving away from the Sun. Speed terrestrial run - 22 meters per year. For the Olympian is a tortoise pace, but by astronomical standards - sprint pace. In addition to the tectonic processes of the Earth's growth contributes to a huge amount of interstellar dust, which falls on the planet. According to conservative estimates, it is not less than 1 billion tons annually. There is a version that the increase in the size of the planet and a proportional increase in the gravitational forces have killed the dinosaurs.

It is likely that a few billion years on Earth logged begin the process of collapse, who are the stars. Once the mass exceeds a critical figure in the bowels will start a chain reaction. Under enormous pressure from the Earth is like the atomic bomb , which warms to solar temperatures and will then become the new star.

A similar view is shared by scientists in Russia. A group of scientists under the leadership of Yanitsky at the Institute of Mineral Resources USEA.The researchers emphasize the direct relationship of social cataclysms, disasters and catastrophes on Earth.

As was previously known, various accidents and disasters are often preceded by a powerful destructive process, which involved air, the earth's crust, the hydrosphere - in short, all media, as well as the field - the gravitational, acoustic, helium, etc. It applies not only to natural systems, but all that is created by technical means. Destructive energy spills out into a catastrophe or disaster. It's like a disease that seamlessly covers the entire human body, but it becomes obvious, appearing as an ulcer or abscess in the weak spot.

Scientists have tried to track at what point and why is born this destructive process. It turns out that it is often the catalyst for a surge of negative emotions among the great masses of people, after which the destructive process is being further disseminated. Earth reacts to the situation. And its "response" is not like the mechanical action, but rather act like a rational being.

The researchers gave the impression that the events leading up to any of the disasters are planned character. Janicki suggests that catastrophe are necessary in order to prevent disasters on a global scale , to get people to stop.

According to the scientist, the Chernobyl catastrophe is not an accident - "it excluded the possibility of global thermonuclear war" and made the public come to grips with the problem of safety of nuclear power stations.

Our planet is also considered a living organism Vernadsky, A. Chizhevsky, F. Shipunov and other scientists. This organism is a complex self-regulating system with communications in the vertical and horizontal directions. Direction of the overall development of the planet - its evolutionary development - whether manifested in the geological, geophysical, atmospheric and other processes. A. Chizhevsky stressed that "the astronomers studying the phenomena in the solar system , discover its effects similar to those of a living organism. "

How about a living being wrote about our planet Jose Arguelles in his book "The Mayan Factor:" ... Here we describe the structure of a reasonable world, regarded as a living organism. Thus, we develop a hypothesis of "Gaia" - the idea that the Earth is really is a conscious evolving beings. Of course, virtually all of the prehistoric (ie pretechnological) people aware of this fact. For a long period of history the belief that the Earth is sacred, it was common for people throughout the world. "

On materials: Ufolog and "News of science."

Константин Дятлов

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