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February 2 - Groundhog Day. Phil already knows, when spring comes

February 2 2006

February 2 America celebrates the curka. Incidentally, few people know that the tradition of asking the animal was about the weather before and Slavs. Only instead of marmot our ancestors used a hedgehog or a bear, that is an animal that in the winter hibernate.

The tradition of February 2 to ask the animal about the arrival of spring brought to the United States in the XVIII century German settlers who settled in the town Panksutoni in western Pennsylvania. However, in the German ritual involved a badger, not the groundhog, and it happens in March, not February.

In 1886, the holiday became official, and the marmot was named Phil. First look at the ritual weather prediction funny beast gathered only inhabitants of the town (now living there only about 7,000 people). But after 1993, screens out movie director Harold Ramis 'Groundhog Day', the popularity of the holiday as well as the film itself, was just incredible - now every year Panksutoni gathers more than 20 thousand tourists.

The procedure worked out in detail: exactly 7:15 am the master of ceremonies at a black coat and top hat pulls Phil mink. If the day is sunny and the groundhog, the first time got out into the street after hibernation, see his shadow, spring will come no earlier than six weeks. If the shade is not, then the audience can sing - this year to be an early spring.

Groundhog Day is not the only festival dedicated to the animal. Thus, the peoples of the Far North of Russia marks Day of the crow. Khanty legend has it that, arriving in the northern region, the bird awakens the sleeping nature. The houses in this day, people covered tables, which must necessarily be porridge and tea. Then the celebration moved to the street: the trees are decorated bundles of bagels, colorful ribbons, left for crows boiled venison. Need to make a wish, and if you're lucky and you'll see a gray crow, the desire to accomplish them.

In Japan, starting from the XVII century, in November, celebrate a rooster (in Japanese - Torino-ichi). And he celebrated a few days since the day the cock comes to the eastern calendar every 12 days. These days, the Japanese bring roosters to the temple and released at will. After this, go to church and pray for their health and wellbeing. In addition, around the temple on metal plates fried noodles with cabbage and spicy sauce. Also, be sure to buy kumade - bamboo rake - and attach them to the special charms that bring good luck.

According to the newspaper "Antenna"

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