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The search for Noah's Ark: Russian in Ararat, as always, was not expected

December 1 2005

Every year in October and November, as if on schedule, new sensational statements about finding Noah's ark. And the place of occurrence is usually not indicated. This is done for two reasons: either people really know and are trying to retain priority in finding the Holy ship, or do it out of inertia, trying to fix his name next to the Great. There are, however, exceptions to this rule.

For the seventh consecutive time in search of Noah's Ark at the legendary Mount Ararat this year went to no less than the legendary climber - 68-year-old Vladimir Shataev, President of the Union of mountaineers and climbers in Russia. We met with him last year and were going to go on a quest together. But our path in 2004, suddenly dispersed: the expedition, who have entrusted me to lead the Turkish authorities are categorically forbidden, and Vladimir still managed to reach the biblical mountain. Together with his friend Igor Yakovlev, he was able to explore the eastern slope of Big Ararat.

Their choice was not accidental. They checked the version of Elder Nahum of Sergiev Posad, which, he said, in October 1942, managed to reach the Ark, and even get inside. However, coming together at this point, the Ark of the climbers were found. Then they literally combed the entire track, thanks to good weather. Their conclusion was unequivocal - on the eastern slope of Big Ararat Ark can not be. In Vladimir Nikolayevich was another map with the alleged place of occurrence of the biblical vessel passed to me. But pointed to a map point is located on the opposite slope. Searchers to get there failed.

This season has a special hope. I managed to find more evidence for my version. And Vladimir suggested we go together. But the circumstances of the searches I turned off: In April I was in a car accident and the doctors strongly recommended me to go to the mountains. Vladimir Nikolayevich search yet gone. Before leaving, I again gave him a map showing the point and told in detail everything I know about a mysterious place.

This year, the way our famous climber and his companions turned out to be thorny. On his adventures of the 2005 season, Vladimir Shataev told our editorial board, two months after his return to Moscow.

"At this time for the international climbing Ararat called Alpiniada-2005" We had left 6 people. The expedition, besides me, were: Jura Borisochkin, deserved trainer of Sambo, which we sometimes climb, Nikolai Nosov, a tourist-class, with his wife Irina, and Andrei Alexandrov from Krasnodar, Everest, and Vartan Vartanian, who wanted to a third time to climb.

A person with that name is not very easy to have in those parts. As we know, Armenians, and Russian is not particularly want to see the Turkish authorities on Ararat. Do not complicate it you live in Doubeyazite?

Back in Moscow, I said Vardanyan, that the invitation from the Turkish Mountaineering Federation has come only for two people, and we already had six. He later called and said that he had agreed with the president of the Federation and no problems.

We took off, as usual, flight Moscow - Istanbul - Van. But when we arrived at the van, our luggage was not there. There was some tension, we were afraid that we will be without equipment. Thus, we had one day stay in this city.We went to the famous monastery of Akdamar, which in the first centuries after the spread of Christianity was the residence of Armenian Patriarchs. The temple was on the restoration: on all sides surrounded by forests. Approach it was impossible, and therefore it is impossible to photograph. We swam close to the bay and returned.

In 2003, when it visited our expedition, he was in pretty poor condition. Who undertook its restoration? Turks or Armenians?

Turks. I read that the Armenians are a very big criticism applies to the restoration, so as not invited to any of the Genocide.

Have you managed to get my baggage?

In the morning we arrived at the airport, and luckily, the first shipment that arrived was ours. We took a taxi to get to Doubeyazita. But after 40 minutes car broke down, struck the camera. Almost an hour we tried to unscrew the nuts to change the wheel, but they do not turn away. I Yura said that for "two tone" sounded: and the luggage was lost and the car broke down. Something is wrong here. He took it calmly.

There was also a third "call"?

Yes. When we got to Doubeyazita, there had already started registration of participants. Browse lists, our Russian tourists there. I say: "How so? That was supposed to be six people. " They say: "We know nothing, you are not on the list." Then came the Bulgarians, who are sympathetic to us, then Azeri mountaineers. They too were amazed: "How?" Soon arrived and the president himself federation Karaca, I've known him for 10 years. We were settled in the hotel, but not in the rooms and the lobby. In the evening we again began to find out. He says: "You are the same six people, and we wrote that only two can come from the country." I reminded him that Vartan was talking to him and that the issue was resolved. What Karaca said: "I'm no one spoke." And just then arrived with his wife and Nosov Vartan with Alexander. I have to Vartan, saying: "How?" It turned out that he himself called, and his comrade-in-legged something spoken. But Karaca immediately replied: "I have no intermediaries do not know." Thus, we find ourselves in a deadlock. Yet in the end they said that me and Borisochkina accommodated at the hotel. Naturally, I worried, what do our friends?

How to resolve the situation?

Vartan has launched a frantic activity, was to call in Krasnodar, in the mayor's office, somewhere else. And one of the calls, not personal Vartan, but some leading figures, was on the phone the president of the Federation of climbers in Turkey. The caller requested that the Russian group in the composition of the international climbing and promised to pay. This infuriated Karaj, and I understand it.

Morning Vartan continued attempts to include all of us. He said the Turks on behalf of the entire group, or that everything will go together, or none. In the end, and the two of us, too, struck off the lists. Thus, we have all six were outside this international climbing. This was already the third "warning".

In recent years, Turkey is almost everyday attitude towards our visitors. As far as I can tell, the Turks, even such distinguished people as you and your familiarity with the president of the federation has become irrelevant. As you all are experienced and a decision was made?

If I had one, I would have already left. But we began to look for solutions. Came to the Kurds, whose official company on climbing Mount Ararat. As a result, we have agreed a fee with each person that with his help we will rise. As a result, we designated exit in the usual manner.We were made to the car, we got to the village Alley that at an altitude of 2000 meters. Dali guide, horses, which put all the goods, and we went in a roundabout way.

Risky! The Turkish military is well browsing terrain. In addition, an international climbing is usually guarded by NATO units ...

Yes, as in previous years, Alpiniadu guarded by soldiers with machine guns. We actually went to those places to which I went for the first time engaged in searching for the ark . Suddenly, at 11 o'clock in the morning, we stopped on the green lawn near the water was. We can not understand, still have to go, the height of a total 2600 m. The weather is beautiful. Especially Kurdish businessman told us clearly below that on the first day you will arrive at 3000 meters, the second day - by 4000, and on the third day - the top. And then just some - 2600! I'm a not particularly worried, but the husband Nikolai Nosov usually not tolerate acclimatization. But the Kurds were adamant they were afraid to catch the eye of an official expedition. The next day, snow fell at night downpour was such that I am probably in my life seen such a real deluge. Well, we had a good tent.

Earlier, you said that you always adored the weather on Ararat. Many of our stories about the search in 2003 showed speculation, but what you're talking about, one to one agrees with our adventures on the mountain ...

In the morning we are ready to proceed, but we again say: "No!" There is this international Alpiniada ... We have one more day remained. In Borisochkina tickets back on the plane and he did not have time. At this point we were joined by 12 climbers from Iran.

The next morning Borisochkina sent down with a guide-kid. And we, together with Iran amicably went devious paths, discussing along the way, where can is the ark. So we climbed back streets! Then I took the lead in choosing a route, because they have started quite the jungle gets. In the end, we crossed some pretty dangerous places and left at 4200 m. At this point, the international climbers a day earlier and climbed all went down.

To the top of Mount Ararat remained within reach ...

The next day we at 2 o'clock came. We were not happy: "Why?" What's the point? "Turns out, it made sense, because when we reached the summit, the weather deteriorated sharply. Therefore it was necessary, as soon as possible to reach the top. By tradition, the usual way we climbed to the top. The weather was good, the sun had risen, the wind was pretty decent, probably 15-20 m / sec.

Well, on the snow up on top of all of us and all Iranians. Then he went downstairs, I was at 9 am was at 4200, and further descent in the usual way: 3200 meters - the base number 1, and rested there half an hour on the machines have already descended. I think our climb up, yet reached. I was the sixth time rose to the top of this route. The only negative - that is what we paid for each $ 200 of it unplanned expenses.

The fact that the expedition found on Ararat , you will learn in the second part .

Photo: Vladimir Shataeva and Andrei Polyakov

In search of Noah's Ark (pictures)

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