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How to learn a foreign language? Our tips

November 1 2005

The fact that in our time, foreign language must have become apparent. Knowledge of foreign languages, especially English, to several times the chances of finding an interesting, high-paying job. You will be able to read literary news and English classics, not distorted by translation, you will have access foreign resources online library, you can watch movies in their original language. Yes and abroad will feel more confident. In addition, scientists have long concluded that people engaged in intellectual work and know more than one language, much less prone to senile dementia, longer keep a clear mind and strong memory.

Most people, even after finishing the prestigious universities, can not boast of knowing the language. It is quite obvious: the system of foreign language teaching has developed in our country when the need for foreign language communication has not been, at best, to read and translate. Now the situation has changed radically. And if you're determined to learn a foreign language, read our advice and choose the best option for themselves.

Group courses

This is probably the most popular method of learning the language. The hardest part then choose what is right for you, ranging from the proximity of courses to home and the number of people in the group to the methods of teaching. It is obvious that the more people will engage with you, the less time the teacher will give each student, and therefore the learning process will take longer. There are group classes in one big plus. There is best to learn exactly colloquial language, classes are constructed in such a way that people like you can communicate more with each other. Decide for yourself as you prefer to learn a language: memorizing the words in the subway, sitting at home with a book, or with classmates in the classroom. When choosing courses to probe, as is taught correctly and if this technique is for you.

Individual tutoring

Here, of course, all the attention of the teacher will be paid only on you. Since you will be engaged on an individual program, analyze your personal mistakes, and explain the material as long as you do not learn. This option is for those who need a strong initial base. Less of this method is that often people, having been occupied with the teacher, then can not be explained in a foreign language to anyone, except him.

Travel abroad

This method of language learning is one of the most effective. It is ideal for those who want to master the language for the shortest possible time. Overseas Courses pleasure rather expensive, but if the financial situation allows, the results did not wait long. The meaning of this method is to immediately immerse people in a different language environments. The main condition, immediately upon arrival, you will find the application of this knowledge, or at least continue the independent study. According to some experts that this method of learning the language is forgotten as quickly as they remembered.

Independent study

It is not given to everyone. The first and perhaps the only condition for self-study language - it is a huge strength of will! If you can boast of - a good hour! Here, too, have several options: You can learn a language for special books or audiobooks. Some experts recommend be done differently.You take your favorite book in English and start reading it. First you'll climb every word in the dictionary, but eventually it will have to do less and less. This method does not teach you how to communicate in the target language, but you can confidently read and translate. It is much easier to study the foreign language can someone who already owns some other foreign language.

Any of the above methods will help to learn the language. But the main thing here, as in other and in any other case, the desire, patience and ability to work.

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