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To drink or not drink? That is the question!

June 1 2010

On the Use and Abuse of alcohol and many say very much, trying to find out which drinks are useful, in what quantities and proportions. Most of us are very difficult to imagine life without alcohol. Many people who drink often enough, to justify their addiction beneficial properties of alcohol. Now we look at the most popular myths about alcohol.

Myth 1: Use of alcohol can quickly warm up

Alcoholic beverages are called intoxicating, but whether they are warm? In this definition, contains only a small fraction of the truth. The fact that cooling helps approximately 50 grams of vodka or cognac.

They widen blood vessels and normalize blood flow to internal organs. Follow the same dose of alcohol increases blood flow to the skin. She blushes, there is a pleasant feeling of warmth. But this feeling is deceptive. Subsequent doses of alcohol increase the heat transfer, and the body cools down even more. Warming effect of alcohol greatly exaggerated.

Myth 2: Alcohol increases appetite

Alcohol actually stimulates your appetite. The appearance of a slight feeling of hunger provoke strong drinks, which contain not less than 40 degrees. Sufficient dose - 20-25 grams, such as vodka. Adoption of the "drink for the appetite right before the meal is fundamentally wrong. Within seconds hunger does not appear, it takes half an hour - an hour.

Myth 3: Alcohol reduces stress

Often we drink when we are sad, lonely, want to stop thinking about the problems, tired after a long work week. All we drink to relax and forget or to cheer yourself up. To lift the mood enough to drink 20-30 ml of vodka or cognac, or 40 ml of wine or a martini. Such small doses relieve internal stress and help relax. That, in general, equivalent to "relieve stress". However, we do not dwell on this.

Alcohol in large quantities acts on two scenarios. And the first - is even sadder and vomiting, depression, it seems that people do not understand us and do not sympathize with us, it provokes us to aggression. The second - an alcoholic euphoria for some time, but then again the feeling of futility, frustration and sadness. Exemption from the stress occurs only for a short time and after a small dose.

Myth 4: Alcohol increases efficiency

Many believe that under the influence of alcohol easier to work. He drank a glass of wine - and life is beautiful! As shown by Australian scientists have slightly intoxicated people thought speed and motor responses actually increases, but in individual cases. The majority of the same small doses of alcohol cause a reduction in concentration.

Myth 5: Alcohol lowers blood pressure

Many hypertensive people think that the lower the pressure by using alcohol. He supposedly dilates blood vessels. In this statement there is truth - small doses of alcohol actually weaken the tone of the vascular wall, namely 100 g of dry red wine. In addition, they alcohol increases the heart rate. The more you drink, the higher the pressure.

Myth 6: High-quality alcohol does not cause harm

yuboy alcohol has on the organism of the toxic effect. This is because one of the decay products of ethanol - acetaldehyde. It was he who works in the body the various outrages. But poor-quality alcohol affects the body worse. After all, cheap strong drinks are not the proper cleaning, they contain fusel oils, which are many times increase the toxic effect of alcohol.

Myth 7: Alcohol - cold medicine

Many are being treated for a cold vodka with apples, honey, etc. It is believed that such a drug, and the temperature decreases, and stops the runny nose and sore throat decreases. Many believe that this is an old Russian recipe and all our ancestors were treated similarly. It is possible that Rusichi fought the cold with vodka. Immunity "firewater" in no way improves. Alcohol is not the best effect on the sore throat. So believe in the healing power of vodka is not necessary. But a small amount of warm red wine drink can.

Myth 8: Beer - it's not alcohol

Once beer - low-alcohol drink, it does not cause any harm to health. This is a disastrous mistake. In the beer is really not a lot of alcohol, but beer is addictive. Beer alcoholism - it's not a myth but a reality.

Myth 9: Alcohol calories

Many women have counted all the calories eaten. A drunk calories do not. Meanwhile, alcohol has a very high energy value, the stronger the drink, so this value is greater. The highest figure given a vodka from alcohol. Energy value of wine due to the carbohydrates and sugars.

Myth 10: You should not drink and snack

Most of us believe that the spirits must-have a snack. A drink with them in any case impossible. But this statement is not entirely correct. Here we must clarify what snacks we have in mind - hot or cold. Cool slightly neutralized alcohol, he quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. The same thing happens when a person drinks some alcohol. So in that sense, juices, fruit drinks, fruit drinks can be placed on one level with fruit and vegetable salads.

Entirely different matter is a hot and greasy dishes like soups or stews. They inhibit the absorption of ethanol reduces the severity of intoxication and, therefore, considered to be the best snacks. With them is neither a "zapivka.

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