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Wait a dirty trick, or as 1 April joke behind the hill

April 1 2010

April 1 we unofficially celebrate April Fool's Day when, according to tradition, made fun of family, friends and colleagues. Therefore, the festival has another name - April Fools' Day ... Interestingly, the custom to arrange the day funny jokes his neighbor exists among different peoples, and their victims receive the title of "April Fools!

"April fish" and "unseen beast"

The tradition of celebrating April Fool's Day on April 1 originated in Europe in the XVI century. "Ancestor" it was the French King Charles IX, in 1564 issued a decree enjoining move New Year celebrations from April 1 to January 1. However, many French are in disagreement with the highest command on April 1 sent each other the traditional New Year gift - a fish (the sun at this time is in the constellation of Pisces). And this tradition has survived until now. Hence the name "April fish". Like, see, already in April, spring, and you keep New Year prazdnuesh!

In Russia, the first mass rally took place on April Fools in 1703 in Moscow. Criers went through the streets and announced that on April 1 at the Red Square will show the public "unseen beast." At the appointed hour, there rushed the crowds. Arrived and Emperor himself Peter I, attracted by "advertising". All forward looking at the curtained stage.

When the curtain opened, everyone saw the banner with the inscription: "April Fools - nobody believe it!" Jokers rushed to apologize to the king, fearing the wrath of - Peter was quick to slaughter. However, he graciously treated to jokes and ordered to continue to celebrate April Fool's Day by arranging a variety of fun and antics.

Gallop through Evropam

How did April Fools' Day is celebrated today in different countries? In France, for example, children are secretly hanging on the back of an adult paper fish on a string. That day is not uncommon to meet a passerby on the street with a serious face, which flutters behind paper fish. Before you obviously April Fool draw!

In the UK, April 1 celebrating the Day of Fools. One of the most famous April Fools pranks took place in London in 1860. Several hundred people have been printed by the invitation to arrive at 11 o'clock in the Tower for "an annual ceremony wash of white lions. Many have fallen for the bait ...

Anyone who played that day, gets the title of "April fool". Very common practical jokes, when someone sent somewhere with wacky request: for example, are asked to buy a screwdriver for left-handers, a bottomless bucket, kukushechi eggs or green shoe polish. Most often, children are caught in it.

In the U.S., the most common jokes is to inform the neighbor: "You've got the laces untied!" It is very popular with Americans, the so-called «practical jokes» - this is when the sugar is poured into the salt, and salt - in the sugar bowl, transfer the clock forward or back, mimic the theft of a vehicle or send false messages. Those who have succumbed to the prank, tease «april fools» («the April fools").

In Russia the most popular April Fool's joke - tell someone: "You have all white at the back."Pupils are deceiving each other, reporting that "a teacher fell ill and canceled classes", "school was closed, etc. Adults play for each other, for example, telephone calls (call supposedly from the clinic and required to appear for medical examination, or employee of ATS requests to measure the length of telephone wire) ... Come across as a rule, those who can not remember what day it is ...

"Ducks" on Rules

Another April Fool's tradition - to spread through the media of false news. In English are "ducks" are called «hoaxes». Mostly they are harmless in nature (for example, news that the Kremlin decided to repaint the white, or that astronomers have decided to replace the names of planets in the solar system named characters Tolkien's saga The Lord of the Rings "). But sometimes the jokes are pretty angry - say, reports of deaths of famous persons, causing panic among the public ...

In this regard, in many states April Fools' jokes in the media are regulated by law. For example, in the U.S. press is obliged to warn that a bogus message is a joke. Although all the gusto when it is obviously lost ...

But do not be April 1 to be afraid to stay in the cold. It's primarily a day of fun and laughter! Happy you in the spring, and good mood!

Margarita Troitsyna

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