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Sensation: In Europe, clones already "baked" as a Full-flavored cakes

April 1 2005

All the events and scandals connected with the United Nations, which took place recently, a few remained in the shadow of a very important issue - a recently approved a resolution that urges countries to prevent human cloning. Even after the adoption of the resolution was leaked to the media sensation - it turns out, in Europe for several years successfully cloned human!

8 March this year took a vote, which was attended by 118 countries (out of 191 member states of the UN) and the UN declaration on human cloning was approved by the General Assembly. Now legislatures of the participating countries of the international organizations should pay attention to the Declaration.

However, despite the apparent unanimity of public figures and optimistic statements that all countries have de facto oppose reproductive cloning, in the research and the "white coats" there are still differences on this score. In addition, the output of the opponents of the resolution is approved by the so-called therapeutic cloning, ie, continuing work in research and medical purposes.

For example, in Britain, where he once was famous cloned sheep Dolly, and where, apparently, did not always adhere to strict rules of ethics and religious precepts, the scientists intend to assert their rights. Prime Minister Tony Blair was forced to once again, reluctantly, to seek compromise solutions. The fact that in the United Kingdom the issue of cloning is a priority of national importance, and labs receive significant subsidies for research in cellular structure. In view of the next few years the amount of investment in research could reach $ 2 billion.

In connection with this account of cloned animals in the world is looking at the dozens. Especially when you consider that the call to ban cloning in all its manifestations, supported mainly third world countries such as Costa Rica, Kenya, Sierra Lyons, whose voices are lost in the European region, where more opportunities and, accordingly, likely to successfully reproduce copies of the human individual and to grow organs from cells of recipients. United States, which also oppose cloning , not able to refract the situation. At least for quite a long time. After all, potential and growth of stem cells are fascinating scientists: the first nine months from a single cell is formed trillion.

As is known, laboratory work on therapeutic cloning of embryos are conducted not only in Britain but also in Japan, Belgium and South Korea. While there are no prerequisites to ensure that all work in this promising direction were at once stopped.

Thus, the future of human reproduction in any event is in its final stages. Especially that the sect raelitov , whose members are convinced the coming messengers (they pointed to humanity is the only way: the intervention in natural processes) remain active and to find many followers. Claude Vorilon, founder of the sect obsessed with the idea that the world was originally played genetically lives one dream - to create a "Replicant." He again said that work on the creationa href = "" target = "_blank"> clone progressing quite well, despite the prosecution of the U.S. government, and now the UN. If in 2003 raelity said that they finally managed to clone a human, then Vorilon says tens of thousands of copies of people and who wish to reproduce and grow "Replicant."

These statements sound echoes ambitions of the Italian scientist Severino Antinori, a new messiah, who also promised in 2001 to show the world his genius. Four years ago, he talked about the hundreds of couples who are ready to raise children out of the tube.

Recently it became known that raelity enlisted the help of a summit of some European governments, which regularly sponsors work to create human clones. Like the scientists, statesmen have their views on the "replicants." Regardless of the duplicitous UN Declaration.

However, despite all the statements raelitov what they actually achieved in the field of cloning are unknown. But there was a sensational information that the experiments on the "artificial production people," concluded successfully in Sweden. A private research institute (name withheld) has grown in their laboratory classrooms for more than 20 (!) Clones. Swedish reporter who managed to get into the "holy of holies" reports that his own eyes had seen seven children from one year to three years, playing in a special "child."

If this information gets publicized, Sweden, probably waiting for big trouble and tough sanctions from the international community. On the other hand, Europe is always a good excuse - say, the birth rate falls, one must "rectify" the demographic situation, and then across Eurasia will soon be a solid China.

Whatever it was, we can only wait for confirmation of sensational information and details.


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