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From microbes vyzhmut fuel and get energy

March 1 2006

It seems that today every scientist is able to offer a unique way to produce fuel - made from corn, waste, and even feces. Energy sources, it appears, does not always lie deep beneath the earth and the ocean floor. Raw literally lying under their feet, and their means of processing, according to one version, can be found even in the human body.

Renowned American scientist Craig Venter, famous in the early millennium that is actively working on deciphering the human genome. As a result of bad language, say, that this hobby has become the meaning of life "evil genius" who could not leave the hope to get to the cornerstone - the source of vitality of the human body .

Currently, under the direction of Venter, who compares himself with a Robin Hood, then to Darwin, is in full swing another job - to create artificial life forms. The activities in this area have repeatedly stated, however, visible results of the team of American scientist could not manage to achieve.

Meanwhile, scientists continue to create a synthetic microbe and claims that he will survive with minimal availability of artificial genes, and will benefit.

Venter convinced that only with advances in genomics - the science that studies the human genome - possibly resolve the energy crisis that is becoming increasingly evident.

Fossil fuels at all willing is not enough - the price of oil continues to rise alarmingly. European countries, for example, Sweden plans to completely abandon nefteresursov and will soon move to alternative energy sources.

As a result, on hearing more often is ethanol or ethyl alcohol - a full substitute for gasoline . The transition to this fuel is still not very intense, but, according to experts, this is only the beginning.

Ethanol need of something to produce. The main raw material is now sugar cane which is processed into sugar. Get out of it ethanol. In some countries used for this purpose other crops that with the help of proteins, first converted into pulp. It turns out that ethanol as a type of fuel can be obtained in various ways. It is precisely this fact draws attention Venter, speaking about his versatile synthetic microbes.

In the company Synthetic Genomics' claim that due to bacteria, including farmed, you can greatly simplify the obtaining of the same biofuel . It would be enough to have on hand the required number needed microbes and source material.

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that Dr. Venter is, from what a start to their far-reaching developments. At least, scientists have studied the effects of ethanol on genes. Excessive alcohol consumption is known to affect their condition. Ethanol causes a gene mutation that enhances cell proliferation. As a result, may develop cancer. U.S. scientists should take this into account, when a synthetic microbe, the "hereditary code," which contains the genes, will start producing ethanol.

Mars inhabit terrestrial microbes

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