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Gwen Stefani's cries: "What are you waiting for, girl?"

March 25 2005

Probably only the very Gwen knows the true reasons for which she has decided to release a solo album: it is the desire to try out for the band, or a desire to earn the same or incomparable desire to do something else. Perhaps this is the last of them and made a star out of the ordinary fans the world stage (as well as a fashion designer and actress) ... However, what triggered not so important. Importantly, what happened as a result. And what happened?

Listeners unequivocally expressed support for Gwen - the first solo album, vocalist No Doubt, called her Love, Angel, Music, Baby («Love, Angel, Music, Baby"), during the first week of sales has acquired more than half a million people, and the title song was nominated for "Grammy". Impressive. Now try impartially - whether the album is worthy of such attention?

Of course, we can say that such a fuss - this is largely the merit of brilliant songs What Are You Waiting For? ("What are you waiting for?"), Breaking the TV and radio charts. And also very Gwen, attracting a magnet pieces of iron, media attention and audience. And finally, a whole cohort of star names, having featured in the album - as, for example, Dr. Dre, Andre 3000 of Outkast, the group The Neptunes, Linda Perry (songwriter Pink).

Prior to listening to a disc, we might think about an album that you want. A statement by Andre 3000 of Outkast, who said: "I think the album has nothing to do with the fact that Gwen did a No Doubt» - only spurred our imagination. But after listening to you can say one thing: the disk has a very audible and interesting. Of course, Andre slightly crossed the line, making an allusion to some significant changes - no radical experiments here. But there is music, again - very interesting and high quality.

About Gwen said: "She is so famous - so why would she cries all the time?" On this issue the album is not the answer - maybe not as often as in No Doubt, but on Love, Angel, Music, Baby Gwen no- no, yes and vsplaknet.

By the way, no joke, according to Gwen itself during the recording of it constantly drenched with tears: and before recording, and during and before the first recital. "I'm too emotional. I can not quarrel with my husband (singer of Bush Gavin Rosdeylom - approx. Aut.) - Complains about Gwen. - Rather than clarify the relationship I just start to cry. "

However, we go from crying to the point. The title song What Are You Waiting For? immediately kill the hopes of skeptics that Gwen with his solo album will sit in a puddle. It's all in there: firm vocals Gwen, in the range of "alternatives" to teen pop, rhythm and downhole cool text, which has such lines: «Now you've got the million dollars contract. What are you waiting for? Take your chance the stupid girl! »(« Come on, now you have a contract for a million dollars. So what are you waiting for? Use your chance, you stupid girl! ")

Interestingly, about whom it was she? The song itself reveals to us one of the major mysteries of Gwen - a dream to have a child, a tick-tock in the early songs, according to Gwen itself - it is a ticking biological clock. Rich Girl («Rich Girl"), which put his hand to the famous Dr. Dre, - another hit. Energetic oriental motif, by which bad come off at the party, and very touching vocals - in the beginning of the song gives the impression that sings 10-year-old girl who thinks that she would do if there was a "rich girl".

statistics, is Love, Angel, Music, Baby - it's not a set of words, but four characters, four girls, whom Gwen specially devised. During a visit to the Japanese quarter Harayuku singer was so struck by the local ladies, that she even wrote a song about it - Harajuku Girls («Harayuku Girls").

Attention is called to crown Bubble Pop Electric («Inflated electro-pop") with a dense, almost croaking chorus and keyboard, nostalgic fans of Debbie Harry and the group Blondie. For lovers cry along with Gwen is a ballad Luxurious («Luxury") ... A total of 13 songs on the album, including bonus track.

Of course, I would like to write - that the title What Are You Waiting For »- not the best song on the album, but we did not write, the findings of each will do for himself. In any case, a couple of surprises on the album there. But that does not fall under the category of "Surprise", is classified as "very cool and high-quality music." Agree, not bad for a debut solo album ...

PS Do you know which option would be the coolest? Gwen is in No Doubt and periodically releases solo albums. From this would benefit all: the singer, and music lovers: a girl - would become even richer and happier, music lovers - just happy, and in the world would be a more quality music.

PPS Unfortunately, Gwen had not received a Grammy Award for What Are You Waiting For?, But it seems the only fly in the ointment, which the world of show business dared to put a Gwen Stefani and her fans.

Full tracklist of the album Love, Angel, Music, Baby:

What Are You Waiting For? ("What are you waiting for?")
Rich Girl («Rich Girl")
Hollaback Girl («Girl Hollabek)
Cool («Cool")
Bubble Pop Electric («Inflated electro-pop")
Luxurious («Luxurious")
Harajuku Girls («Girls Harayuku)
Crash («accident")
Real Thing («The real thing")
Serious («Seriously)
Danger Zone («Danger Zone")
Long Way To Go («Long Way").


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