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Maxim: ranking of the most high-profile failures of show-business stars

May 22 2007

The stars often make stupid when it comes to success, and finance. When it comes to projects that promise huge fees, the stars in general may forget to read the script. Sometimes these unfortunate steps can put an end to his future career. Maxim magazine has published its rating of stellar failures.

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Actress Shelley Long is the first line of his departure from the television show "Friends." Playing the role of a cheerful whore in "Night Shift" (1982), she began work on a way snooty barmaid Diane Chambers in the film "Hello". Role was as if, under it is written and earned her an Emmy Award.

Second place is David Caruso, who left the series "NYPD Blue." In the film, he played the role of detective. Despite the fact that the hero of John Kelly brought David to a high orbit, after 2 years, he quarreled with the producers and left the series, announcing that he intends to act only in the movies.

In third place, Ben Affleck, who played in the movie "Good Will Hunting." Think, if Affleck has disappeared under mysterious circumstances after "Good Will Hunting" charmed one and all, it would be remembered as a promising writer and a great actor. However, after he played in the "masterpieces" like "Daredevil" and "Jersey Girl", his credibility in our eyes fell below nowhere.

In fourth place in the ranking of stellar failures include failure of Michael Jordon play the Chicago Bulls team in order to start a career as a baseball player. Thereby he has proved that athletes can make the same stupid things, like actors, singers, or just complete assholes. Jordan was a talented striker, famed for his lengthy leap. In a baseball season-94, during which Michael played for second-rate team of Chicago White Sox, Jordan was the leader of the League of ... number of errors.

In fifth place, George Lucas, who is clearly overdone it with the sequels, and the Wachowski brothers. After the cinematic savagery, whose name is "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Episode III: Revenge of the Sith" and the highly unsuccessful trikvela "The Matrix: Reloaded" and "The Matrix: Revolutions" discouraged viewers on the grounds of common sense, have become home to watch movies on a VCR. As a result, they found that the first three parts of "Star Wars" contain approximately 3,5 hours is quite watchable action, and the first series of "The Matrix" has no relation to the subsequent parts.

Alec Baldwin finished sixth. He managed to throw a successful project of Tom Clancy, which played the role of Jack Ryan to star in a mediocre film "Marrying Man" with his future wife Kim Basinger. Combined with Kim knot, Baldwin played with her in "Escape." Followed by some very serious roles in films "The Aviator" and "Fridge" by which he restored his reputation. The last nail in his own grave Baldwin drove, leaving an angry message on the answering machine maintenance in the home of his ex-wife is Kim Basinger.Baldwin, angry because of the fact that his little daughter had forgotten to call him, shouted into the phone a lot of insults. He, in particular, has named his 11-year-old daughter "carefree little pig", while her mother was "bleeding hemorrhoids."

Actor Vince Vaughn, who played Norman Bates in the remake of the movie by Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" on the seventh line. Having played in something like the movie "Party People", and made his first career steps in the role of comedian, it is necessary, it would seem, to continue in the same spirit. However, Vince Vaughn decided differently. He immediately raised his hand to thriller, and not to some, but the classics of the genre from Alfred Hitchcock. In response, sounded extremely irritated critics.

Chevy Chase was the eighth in the ranking of the magazine for its withdrawal from the television show "Saturday's Fever and a half of the season. Of course, after that he had several very successful roles:" A Dirty Game, "" Fletch, "" The boy golf course. "However, after as Chase quarreled with his friends from the studio SNL, his name was not in any serious projects. Moreover, according to rumors, Chase made a terrible folly, turned down the role in the film "American Beauty" that brought an Oscar to Kevin Spacey.

Actor Brian Dankelman was at the ninth position. He left the show "American Idol" after the first season. He reportedly said that he considered the project too cruel. After he left the show there was a string of unforeseen events, which are not the most favorable impact on the career of the actor.

Tom Selleck was in tenth place. The actor turned down the role in the western "Indiana Jones". Some say that the producers of the series Magnum PI did not allow him to terminate the previously signed contract, so he had to play it. Others argue that Selleck really liked the movies "Lessister" and "air road in China," on which he worked after. Whatever it was, no matter how attractive from a financial point of view might be this or that role, it is not necessary for her to give up on his acting career.

Masha Shibanova


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