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Former sex symbols: "Overripe" Clooney and "freak" Gyllenhaal

March 15 2011

16284.jpeg Ratings of the most coveted of famous men and women in the world has finally become boring. And many of us think: "Yes, what idiots they all are?". One thing is clear, the British media praise of British film stars, American - Hollywood and Bollywood in their idols. made ​​his famous macho rating, which fell out of the cage cool handsome.

PHOTO: Sex Symbols of the retired

George Clooney holds still hearty and boasted of his bachelor's in kind. 49 years for men - just anything you can say, flourishing, only here in the ratings of most-most sexy Clooney are no longer included, and if they remember him, then put the second part of 'hundreds' of famous beauties. Yes, and with roles like something from Clooney's not pretty. His "American" flopped at the box office and film critics have admitted that, instead of Clooney would look great ... someone else. "The great killer" and was blown away in his personal life. After his loud romance with "Desperate Housewives" Teri Hatcher, which, as he put Clooney, "he publicly cast as boring trifle" in his life flashed modelki Krista Allen and Lisa Snowdon, and then completely ... silence. The secular press about the actor did not write - just nothing.

Clooney himself never ceases to repeat, that he had not yet "ripe before marriage" and "not yet ready to sacrifice family life, his freedom and career." And over him already in full make fun of his once-close friend - Brad Pitt, who once said: "You know, Clooney has long overripe for marriage. And who gets this overripe fruit? Something I did not want to watch the queue. " Maybe women are not like the eternal bachelor George, but man, unmarried and not very good, he is respected for its one phrase: "Come on, girls, yet I like vodka, barbecue, bikes and a fresh breeze, I do not need quiet family evenings and a baby crying. "

16285.jpeg Jake Gyllenhaal, who played "Blue" Cowboy in the acclaimed film "Brokeback Mountain." The richest of the 30-year-old Hollywood actor and a favorite of American teenagers and gay men. Unfortunately, successful and famous actress "Dream Factory" did not see it as a potential husband. A star of "Black Swan" and did recently called him "a monster". The actress is removed from him in the film "Brothers". "Very nice man on many indicators - admitted Portman. - Something like this. Guitar playing, singing. His love kids and dogs. Jake loves his mother and sisters. And so sorry that he is so ugly. "

Honorable third place forgotten sex symbol is a Los Angeles rocker Adam Levine, frontman of the band Maroon 5. By the way, and there has not been without Portman. She met him when she was 20 years old. And he thanks ardent romance with the very same Princess Amidala from "Star Wars" became the star of gossip columns and the ratings of the most sought after famous men.

41-year-old Matthew McConaughey, newly Indiana Jones film "Sahara" and now star of the comedy "The Ghosts of Girlfriends."His inflated torso with sarcastic comments periodically hits the tabloids: "I think McConaughey specifically commits jogging topless, like waiting for the paparazzi which are recorded his inflated torso, more like a plastic chest another Barbie - Ken."

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16286.jpeg The British press called Daniel Craig's James Bond for the hottest in the period of promotion the next series of "James Bond" Casino Royale ". But it later emerged that Craig is afraid of heights, the shooting feels terrible bouts of vertigo during episodes with car chases and gunfights in the attic. New Bond wields it with a manual transmission, and therefore refuses to ride on the legendary car Aston Martin DB5, which is collected specifically for the filming, and its legendary blue eyes - just the effect of contact lenses "- exposed to the tabloids.

David Beckham - soccer player and style icon, always impeccably dressed, fashionably trimmed, perfectly composed, successful career. Slowly getting older, well-known henpecked his little wife Victoria. And as they say the British media, Beckham has simply nothing to PR, so he decided to have another child. Now they are at par with Victoria assure all the tabloids in a row that do not know the sex of a child and a dream of his daughter.

16288.jpeg Leonardo di Caprio in Romeo cute turned into a serious mature man, who is actively involved in charity work and environmental problems, for which he praise and respect. His most recent role - strong, confident men. The image of the tearful lover guy from "Titanic" was in the past. Leo disappeared from the rankings sexy on their own - it simply unpleasant to stand out in the pop-tops - he's got better things to do.

DiCaprio acknowledges that it uncomfortable to be the object of universal passion, and the title of sex symbol to put it mildly, embarrassing. Leo is trying to get rid of the image cute pretty boy: let the beard, donned a baseball cap, stouter. Usually on the beach Leonardo does not remove the large T-shirts and your favorite green baseball cap worn for five years.

Robbie Williams, who, despite his marriage, it seems the English are too suspicious and somewhat "blue". Many still believe that Robbie married for selfish purposes - to attract media attention.

Prince William County, as reported by The Dailly Mirrorso hath the British, that any mention of him and his future wedding causes the average Briton gag reflex. And the prince in his younger years a hatch has bald spots.

And finally, "American Idiot" by Tom Cruise. His quirks and Scientology has got all. 48-year-old Cruise has long been called the "rich fool", and many do wonder: "He really is such a moron, or just pretending?".

16287.jpeg "I want to show the world that our family - is absolutely normal, the same as many other families in the U.S., despite the fact that we - the Scientologists, and celebrities. You'll see how we spend your free time, our house, in which we live our lives, that you do not show the paparazzi, because we have a very high fence "- said in a recent interview with Cruz. He plans to shoot himself video clips of himself and his family and put them on Twitter for their fans. He also admitted that he dreams of becoming a star of the reality show and show the life of his family in detail.

Former sex symbol, who dropped out of the holder of steep Krasavchikov:

1. George Clooney

2. Jake Gyllenhaal

3. Adam Levine

4. Matthew McConaughey

5. Daniel Craig

6. David Beckham

7. Leonardo DiCaprio

8. Robbie Williams

9. Prince William

10.       Tom Cruise

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