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Show Freddie Mercury continues

September 5 2006

Today, the soloist of the legendary group Queen Freddie Mercury would have turned 60 years old. For 15 years he is not with us, but a few modern bands can come close to that level of popularity, which still has the "queen". And after his death, the name of Mercury was identified with the "plague of the twentieth century" - AIDS.

How Farrukh Bulsara became Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury was born on September 5, 1946 on the island named Farrukh Bulsara. His parents were the Persians, but professed not Islam, and Zoroastrianism - the ancient religion of Iran, the followers of which there are now several hundred thousand. Together with parents, he moved to India where he studied for several years in private schools for boys in the city of Bombay. Subsequently, he came to London in hopes of a designer, and, having finished his studies, he stayed in the British capital. However, it seems, the specter of private schools for boys mastered it to the end.

About his personal life to speak Freddie did not like - he tried to keep it a secret literally to the last breath. All of what he confessed to - so it is in his homosexuality. The spread of this phenomenon has always been characteristic of the closed male institutions. According to rumors, in the XIX century in that institution was the "blue" Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Probably could not avoid it, and boy, Farrukh, turned to Freddie.

His homosexual Mercury (Hg; a pseudonym Bulsara chose him in the early stage of career) has promoted from the first steps on stage. Back in 1969 when he joined based future Queen guitarist Brian May band Smile, Freddie is already looking like a real "blue". And four years later, when the group renamed the Queen in a loud voice announced itself, Mercury, was seen as "business card" blue movement.

Gossips said, that the band's name means not "The Queen", but comes from the second value words Queen - «punk." Is it so - hard to tell because the guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor spun a whirlwind romance with women, and bassist John Deacon - a happy family man, who has four children. But the ill-wishers that was quite enough - the good, Freddy did not hide their orientation.

"Blue" trail in the work of the group was very noticeable. Thus, the repertoire of "Queen" is a song «Good old-fashioned lover boy», where Mercury talks about his rendezvous with an old-fashioned lover. Homosexuality was manifest in the clothes: a long-haired Freddy sported on stage in an open ballet tights, brightly painted lips and eyes fasten themselves on the set of chains. Other team members also wore an unusually bright, but their view was not so straightforward.

In the glory

However, the group became famous not because of "geyskim" compositions. Brought the group worldwide fame song «Killer Queen» «Vohemian Rhapsody» and «Somebody to love» totally unrelated to the topic. The first one Freddy sang about a prostitute (!) Of high society, and in the other two were harmoniously use complex arrangements. Well, «We will rock you» and «We are the champions» immediately became an anthem of millions of fans, and they remain to this day.

Toward the end of 1970. Mercury's appearance became more and more courageous, until finally, in 1980, he has not appeared in public with a short haircut and a mustache. According to rumors, this time it is somewhat cool to the men and women carried away. They say that once it almost came to the wedding, but the bride at the last minute ran from the altar. Freddie is so worried that we finally lost interest in women and turned into a "clean" homosexual.Fate cruelly paid him for it, but then he did not know.

On the music front, Queen continued to take one vertex after another. Group was the first of all the Western rock musicians performed in Brazil, Argentina, South Korea, South Africa and the socialist Hungary. Not to mention concerts in Western Europe, North America and Japan, which account for hundreds of thousands of people. In addition, "The Queen has celebrated in the movie. In 1980, screens out the film "Flash Gordon", for which the band wrote a few songs. But five years later, Queen music sounded in the movie "Highlander." In 1986, the composition of this film includes the legendary album «A kind of magic».

Parallel Mercury went solo creativity, and it once again began to dominate the homosexual theme. So, in 1985, the Munich hotel room was filmed video for the song «Living on me own», where all participants party walked in the women's clothing. It seemed so frankly that the clip appeared on television only after eight years. "Blue" story back in creativity Queen - as in the video «I want to break free» all four members of the group ripped through the room in women's clothes. However, the musicians themselves categorically denied a homosexual subtext, and called the clip just a parody of soap operas.

It seemed that nothing will stop Freddie and his band mates on the way to success. In 1988, Mercury with Montserrat Caballe recorded the song «Barcelona», which became the anthem of the summer Olympics in 1992. A year later, Queen recorded the album «The Miracle», where the first songs written by four musicians. In January 1990 the group won an MTV as the best rock band of the decade. In the latter at the time the album "The Queen" sung «I want it all» («I want everything") and thought that Queen and Freddie personally get what they want. But then came the AIDS ...

The show must go on ...

"The plague of the twentieth century" came to life Mercury in the mid 1980's. Then, from AIDS began to die one after the other men with whom Freddie had a sexual relationship. At some point questions about this dreadful disease and started asking myself a musician, which he invariably replied that he had repeatedly been tested, and nothing he has not. However, with each month Mercury's getting worse, he rapidly lost weight, and in 1990 it became clear: he was terminally ill. In this May, Taylor and Deacon took the "defensive perimeter" and tried to hide his comrade from the prying journalists.

The culmination of all creation was the work of the album «Innuendo» in the first months of 1991. In order to hide the illness Mercury, in the song «I'm going slightly mad» it dressed in a jester, and his face covered with a thick layer of makeup. In the clip «These are the days if our lives» Freddie already without makeup performs a nostalgic song, as if saying goodbye to the audience. The album more than any other is a single story, and crowned with his song «The show must go on» - last masterpiece of the group, which is a kind of testament. After the death of Queen lead singer song became even more tragic sound.

In the last months of his life working for Mercury, wear, writing the song "rainy day". At the door of the studio is constantly on call "ambulance", he always did cauterized, but he fought for the life of the last forces. November 23, 1991 Freddie found out he had AIDS and died the next day, and with it ended the existence of the group Queen. Since then, one of the symbols of the gay movement has become a symbol of courage and struggle for life, and to his home put flowers not only gays and lesbians, but many people admit their homophobia.

Recorded in the last months of life Mercury material enough to the 1995 May, Taylor and Deacon released the album "Made in Heaven» («Made in Paradise").The song is called «Too much love will kill you» («Too much love will kill you"), Freddie if regretting his own affairs, urged listeners to be careful and choosy in the relationship. All of his vast fortune he bequeathed to fight AIDS, to care for the sick to them and to develop a vaccine.

As a result, the name of Freddie Mercury is constantly reminded of the first when it comes to victims of HIV infection. His fate has become a reminder of how you can not live and places I spoke about this and his work. However, Queen music continues to sound completely separate from AIDS, and every year her fans are millions of people - predominantly heterosexual.

Vadim Trukhachev


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